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Chakras & How to Heal Ourselves

Updated: Feb 14


Did you know that we have over 60,000 chakras ?

Our chakras are part of our energy system, along with meridians & auras. I'll be explaining what the 7 main chakras are, the colours and where they are within our body and how to heal certain issues we have, we have the main 7 chakras which are within our body and the colours are red, orange, yellow, green/pink, blue, purple, white or clear.

Firstly I'll explain a little on how our energy system works.

Our chakras is where we need to do our healing, but firstly when we are about to pass away from this world and transition over into the spirit world all we take with us is what we've learned here on this earthly plane, but how do we take all what we've learned with us? Well what we've learnt and been through, all of our dreams, traumas, victories, every lesson we've learnt, every memory is all stored within our chakras energy system, and we take all this information back into spirit, so when I say to my clients you need to heal a money block or your fears on money then that'll be within your root chakra, hence why you may have back pain due to stress of money or lack of it.

When we are in our mothers womb the very first chakra to be developed is our root chakra, this is known as the base chakra, our soul will keep popping in and out to see if they want to be here and once the soul has decided that they do want to be here then the soul will start to download all the information from what they need to learn or what they'll go through in order to learn.

The chakras regulate and maintain our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. Our chakras act as our portals if you like between our body, mind and soul, the reason why I say portals is because it's through our crown chakra we can process energy of a higher vibrational nature, we can then connect to the spirit world and other dimensions. Chakra is actually a Sanskrit term meaning "wheel of light" which is nothing more than a wheel of light spinning through our energy system, not everyone can see chakras, if you're clairvoyant then you may be able to see the chakras spinning in a clockwise direction.

So when we're feeling anxious and feeling it in our stomach then that's the solar plexus that is unbalanced or if we are feeling a panic attack is coming on we feel that in our chest as our chest tightens, this is our heart chakra which is out of balance, sometimes it's who we are around that can trigger these symptoms or we could be watching tv or we may be in a certain area or a shopping mall that then we start to get these symptoms. The reason why is simple because our energy doesn't resonate with either the person we are around or the place we're in at that time. What we don't realise is that everything is energy, even us we are energy that's all we are. Wherever you go energy is felt, with saying that it simply means that we feel every place we visit, we either get a good vibe or a not so good vibe about a place, or a person.

To really fully heal ourselves, on a spiritual level we must bring all aspects of our spiritual being into the physical, after all, we all want to feel fulfilled with our healing, not just with our healing but within ourselves. Everything spiritual is what we can't see, this is why so many people do not believe in spirits visiting us when we are sleeping, we can't physically see the white light around us whilst we are doing a spiritual protection so we visualise it and believe that it is there protecting us from negative people from entering our space. The action of healing begins with us, inside of us, in the inner realms, where we work invisibly, spiritually and subtly.

Everything is energy, believe it or not but it's true, we are energy, trees are energy, money is energy it comes from the same source as trees, just because you can't see energy doesn't mean it isn't there, when we are attuned to energy we feel it, we may not be able to hear it or see it but it's there with us around us all the time, just like our chakras we may not be able to see them or feel them but they're there, when we get a reiki session we can't see the energy but we feel sensations around our bodies, we feel more balanced and yet the reiki practitioner hasn't touched our body, but we felt the energy, some people feel like they're being pushed off the table, some people see colours, some people feel & release emotions that they thought they had dealt with, some feel warmth, energy is real.

If you really want to help others, first we must become the best version of ourselves we can be. We can't help others if we aren't fully 100% the best version of ourselves. If you really want to achieve the highest health and well-being, you must be willing to learn about the self underneath & the structures of the chakra system as this is where we hold a lot of our abuse, trauma and self-belief, self-worth, confidence, safety, security and insecurities, and all of these that I have described are all invisible, we can't see them but we can feel them, we have to heal ourselves not just in the physical but on a spiritual level too. The moon, the planets in our solar system all affects our moods, our well-being. By gaining a sense of inner self, you can better yourself and are then able to help others.

We aren't taught about the invisible world at school, however we are taught about religion which again is on a spiritual level. Those of us who are psychic, clairvoyant, healers, interested in the paranormal are cast aside and we are then called weird or odd. There are a lot of reasons and one reason is because the world is plagued by abuse, our society is abusive, I get abused most days because I can read tarot, or because I'm psychic, I get told to get a real job or people love nothing more than to put you down because it makes them feel good about themselves, in reality they have low self-esteem, and are not very kind to themselves, they're in there ego, so this brings me to abuse and how to heal our abuse on a spiritual level & within our chakras.

Most families are dysfunctional, many people who have grown up in dysfunctional families are affected by some sort of abuse. whether it be neglect, verbal, sexual, emotional, abandonment, mental or physical abuse. Patterns of abuse appear in many forms, including, alcoholism, drug abuse, or food addictions and money spending addictions, gambling which is different from money spending abuse.

There are so many different types of abuse, such as, physical endangerment, from being beaten, threatened, this can include emotional trauma, mental trauma arising from being constantly put down, criticism, lack of acceptance or support. Any disregard for one's rights, individuality, or privacy is abuse.

When we put up boundaries and people want to invade our privacy and try to break down the boundary that's abuse, I've had this constantly within my readings, where people want to take control of the reading and I have cancelled the reading without a refund. Spiritual abuse is less talked about or discussed, this can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Anything that makes us feel we are a bad person is a form of abuse.

Some of us coped with our childhood difficulties, by ignoring, or hiding our invisible self, the self that:

Is sensitive, is vulnerable, wants to be loved and nourished, and the list goes on. We then develop a coping mechanism which we have then brought into adulthood.

Healing is a process of joining the material and spiritual selves, I call the visible self the material and the invisible the spiritual self, being spiritual is everything you can't see. Some of the healing process may involve rejoining parts of ourselves that have become disconnected without us even realising, the trauma that some of us have experienced has been so huge that that person may have disconnected that part of themselves. In this case we need to work with memories, energies, and self-belief systems, holding onto those hurt feelings, injured body parts, old & current relationship fails. So we need to look at our soul, mind, body and the true aspect of becoming happy again is the process of merging our spiritual selves and material selves together to be able to fully heal.

How do we do this work on ourselves ?

The first one is to recognise you have a problem, without recognising and blaming everyone else for your own unhappiness, you'll never going to heal, so recognise what issues you have.

Secondly is once you've recognised you have some issues, then it's time to write out what these issues are one by one and then write out how it's affecting your life and everyone around you.

Thirdly looking into the mirror completely naked, no make-up or hair done, and look at every part of your body that you do not like, then write it all down, what you don't like, why don't you like that part of your body? this is called mirror work, working on your visible self, what it does do is brings every emotion up that you need too heal, it's not your body part that you need to heal, it's your emotions that need to be healed.

Fourthly analysing those emotions, why are they coming up ? and about what part of your body, whatever part of the body it is, for example you don't like your stomach, then that's the solar plexus that needs to be healed, within our solar plexus is is where we hold our power, our intuition, maybe you are feeling powerless because you've allowed someone to take away your power, which then means that your confidence is low, so you have to work on your confidence. Now you understand how this can be healing and how to heal yourself and this is not much different with trauma that we have.

By healing our self-confidence we look at ourselves very differently and even those around us can see that something has changed, this is how we help ourselves within our chakras.

When someone constantly tells us we're not good enough, or we're selfish or we're ugly we attend to start to believe them and that in itself is abuse. We then have the responsibility to heal how we feel and undo the abuse.

Affirmations and mantras can help this with this kind of abuse, when we start telling ourselves that we are good enough and we are loved it installs the positive into our minds and we start believing that we are enough and good enough, it's the reverse of abuse.

We are all made up of different layers so that's why healing can be difficult, some just want the good stuff, for example some people want all the beautiful froth on top of a coffee but don't want the coffee dregs at the bottom, well that's where we have to start where all the horrible hard stuff is and work our way up to the beautiful froth where we can enjoy. Unfortunately there's a lot of people who don't want to do the hard work, or they expect someone like me to do it for them, well guess what? It doesn't work like that.

It's about raising your vibrations whilst working through the layers of trauma, guided meditations can raise your vibrations, journalling can help you understand why the trauma takes place, hence why I always recommend journalling to all my clients, so they can look at it like a visual and then that helps them to understand what they've written. Healing is pin pointing exactly where the trauma is in your body, is there pain anywhere? pain can be psychological, for me I know in the past when I've had to go back into hairdressing my hands would start to hurt the night before my first day back, or my lower back would start to hurt, this pain is my soul telling me no more hairdressing, since I've given up my readings have been constantly coming in, that's because I'm now doing what my soul is supposed to be doing, which is helping others.

Some of us aren't just healing ourselves, we are healing generations of old wounds, karmic wounds that we haven't healed in past lives, healing never really stops, I had a client last year I won't mention his name, however after the reiki session he insisted to tell me that he had done all his healing, I tried hard not to laugh because no matter how you feel there's always healing to do, this planet that we live on is very dense, we never stop learning whilst we're here, I call this school of life, because whilst we are here all we do is learn, we learn from healing, we learn from others, we learn trades, we learn how to fix things, it never stops.

What is an Aura

Everyone has an aura, all animals have auras, plants have auras, even televisions & speakers will have an aura around it, when I did Daniel Hawken Level One Spiritual Development Course, we were taught how to see auras, and it's a very simple way that he teaches, I couldn't believe that I could see an aura, I was very excited.

So auras are part of our energy system, bands of different coloured lights surrounding all living things, each auric band is connected to our chakras and that chakra is connected to a visible organ where the healing on a spiritual level takes place. Each chakra has seven layers and these correspond to the auric field. Whilst performing a reiki session the energy will first go within the auric field and heal this first, sometimes we can have small black holes within our auric field which needs to be healed, these are pieces of negative energy that have resided within your auric field and they need to be removed, they've been picked up from either places you've visited or people within your life, allowing others to off load onto you.

Energy Cords

Energy cords are energetic connections that we form between two people, these cords are connected with a silver cord, we can't visibly see the cord unless you're clairvoyant or psychic, this cord can serve as a negative relationship contract, these are contracts that we sign up to before we come to this planet earth, these cords can be cut especially if they're a fake twin flame, or if you have a narcissist ex who won't leave you alone or any other friendship, ex mother-in-law, ex husband, ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend or whoever you need to cut cords with, I have done a lot of these cord cuttings which are totally exhausting, probably why I no longer do this type of work as the sessions can last up to two hours. These cords are formed when he have a soul contract with another person to either meet our needs or to learn a lesson from. Not all soul contracts are negative, but some are formed out of fear and self-destructive beliefs that we have about ourselves. Sometimes these cords are destructive and dangerous as we can carry these cords across time lines, they can be formed from soul to soul, mind to mind, body to body and from past lives or this life time. When we have restrictions it can be because we need to cut cords or address our energetic cord attachments, which brings me to the chakras, explaining what the colours are and where they are located and what crystals to use to help re-balance your chakras.

The Seven Chakras

First Chakra (The Root Chakra

The first chakra is our survival chakra, fight or flight responses, the root chakra is located in the genital area. This is the first chakra that receives all the basic programming from our family, our earliest experiences are also recorded here, this is where we make decisions regarding our right and survival.

The first chakra colour is red.

This helps heal the Endocrine Gland - Adrenals

The Root Chakra is where your survival instincts are, awareness, grounding, safety, fears, balance, decisions, primal feelings, including, rage, terror, joy, survival energy.

Meditations for our root chakra can help balance and put this chakra back into balance.

The Crystals that we should be using are as follows : Red Jasper, Orchid Calcite, Micus, Hematite, and Arogonite. These will help balance your root chakra.

Health Tip : Eat three balanced meals a day, support adrenals with plenty of water, B vitamins, and minerals, exercise on a daily basis.

Second Chakra (Sacral Chakra)

This chakra is located in our abdomen, it is the centre of our feelings and creativeness. Through this chakra, we begin to understand our reactions to our inner and outer worlds. Feelings originating from here are generally softer than than coming from the first chakra, the healthiest way to work through these feelings is through being creative.

The Sacral Chakra colour is orange.

This helps heal the Ovaries or the Testes.

The Sacral Chakra is where our creativeness, sexual energy, anxiety, women's power, pleasures, emotions, needs and desires, caring.

We can meditate on this chakra to re-balance the sacral chakra using crystals.

The crystals we should be using are as follows : Citrine, Orchid Calcite, Peach Selenite, and Carnelian.

Health Tips : Monitor Bread intake, Sweet potatoes, oranges, tomatoes, and soothing exercise such as Yoga, Tai Chi and swimming.

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)

This chakra is located just above the navel, this chakra is a highly complex and is commonly known as our powerhouse chakra, as it's the power centre this is the storage for our opinions, judgements, and beliefs we have gathered about ourselves and the world. This chakra can affect our self-esteem and self confidence, this is also the chakra I call our gps system as we follow our gut instincts.

The Solar Plexus Chakra colour is Yellow.

This helps the Pancreas, digestive system, and the organs located within it.

The Solar Plexus is where our, power, self-confidence, belief system, self worth, intuition, trust, intellectual, decisions, ego, anxiety.

The crystals we should be using are as follows : Pink Opal, Honey Calcite, Citrine, moo kite, and Tigers Eye.

Health Tips : Eat Squash, yellow tomatoes, yellow capsicums, proteins and exercise to a structured program.

Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra)

This chakra is located on our centre of our chest, this is where our intuition comes into and is felt, this is why bit's important to have your heart space open, a lot of people seem to think that our intuition comes from our Third Chakra, it in fact comes from our heart, what happens is when we receive messages they come in through our crown chakra down through our heart chakra and onto our solar plexus, then back up to our thoughts and then we relay those messages onto our clients. Our heart is the most important organ in our body, without the heart there would be no life, our heart is where we feel the most, our emotions, anxiety, anger, grief, happiness, hurt and so on. When our heart centre is closed down we find it hard to find love, our intuition becomes closed, and we lose that sense of being. Intuitive communication occurs when working with higher frequencies and energies through the heart, such as channeling guides, Divine Source.

The Heart Chakra colour is Green/Pink

This helps heal our heart and all the organs located within.

The Heart Chakra is where our compassion, love, healing, relationships, emotions.

The crystals we should be working with are as follows : Green Aventurine, Pink Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Green Opal and Green Onyx (from Pakistan) and Ruby Zoisite.

Health Tips : walking exercise and eat at least three greens a day.

Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra)

The Throat Chakra is located on our throat, this chakra is useful for manifesting and for self-protection, through our throat chakra we express ourselves and what we think and feel, desire and detest, this front of the chakra is known as the seat of responsibility. Also linked with the soul. this chakra is seen as a vehicle for the soul's expression of its desires. Of great psychic importance, this chakra allows us to share the information we are receiving from the invisible self. Its physical presence involves the throat and the auditory processes. Often seen as the seat of the sou, the soul speaks verbally or physically through this chakra

The Throat Chakra colour is Blue

This helps heal the Thyroid.

The Throat chakra is where we express ourselves, honesty, truth, our wisdom, responsibility, emotional energy, communication.

The crystals we should be working with are as follows : Lapiz Lazuli, Sodalite, Amanzonite. Health Tips : Use verbal affirmations, healthy snacks, sing to your favourite music.

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)

The Sixth Chakra is called the Third Eye, it is our visual centre, though our third eye we obtain, see pictures, symbols, colours, and images, linked to the spirit world. This chakra is linked to the Pineal Gland, this centre regulates many of our hormonal and endocrine functions. Through clairvoyance (clear seeing), this chakra can help us visualise images, including colours, symbols, forms, metaphors and literal or figurative pictures of beings, events, or ideas from the past, present, or future.

The Third Eye Chakra is Purple

The Third Eye Chakra is where we have our Clairvoyance, spirituality, universe, connecting to ones wholeness.

The crystals we should be using are as follows : Amethyst, Rainbow Fluorite, Rainbow Moonstone

Seventh Chakra ( Crown Chakra)

The Crown Chakra is connected to the Third Eye Chakra, the Pineal Gland. This is the psychic centre for higher knowing, this chakra receives the spiritual energies and guidance necessary. Because this chakra is connected to a higher plane, the seventh chakra is seen as the centre of our divinity, the place through which we know as higher source and all spiritual beings.

The Crown Chakra colour is White or Clear.

The Location is at the top of your crown, or wherever your crown sits, as it doesn't always sit at the top of your head, all crowns are different.

The Crown Chakra is where we have wholeness within ourselves, Divine awareness, Oneness, Spirituality, inspiration, Spiritual awakenings.

Crystals to be using are as follows : Clear Quartz, Selenite, Rainbow Moonstone.

I hope you enjoy reading this, I also hope this chakra blog helps you with healing.


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