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Daily Practices

Updated: Mar 19, 2023


Daily practices can be very useful for managing your energy & the day to day stresses of life, daily practices can be made up of three or five things to do & these can be done either before work or after work or just before bedtime, by doing these practices on a daily basis your stress levels will reduce to a point where you won't even notice that your not stressed anymore & one day you'll just notice that your not as stressed & that your a lot calmer.

Mental health is a big factor these days & this is why people want a work life balanced lifestyle, some people do have anxiety before going to work, I always look at anxiety as a warning that you probably aren't supposed to be in that particular job, or if that job is giving you anxiety then it's probably best not to be doing that job as it's not good for your mental health & putting your body through the stresses of life. This is why it's so important to do these daily practices on a daily basis especially for your mental health. I hear a lot of "I don't have time" or "I'll start tomorrow" but never actually do it, but all the same time the anxiety & stress is getting worse but not doing anything about it either, anxiety & stress will not go away on it's own. A daily routine or practice doesn't have to be one hour it can be done in 20 mins & later I'll give you a few tips on what practices can be done in 20 minutes & to be honest most people will have 20 mins for themselves to put aside.

It's important to start your day feeling happy & motivated & not feeling unmotivated or flat, sometimes we start the day & our mind is so busy & loud that we can't seem to quiet down our minds which I will be leaving some tips on. The loud voice in our head is our ego constantly telling you to do this or that & what happens is, it can spiral out of control & will not give you a break & before we know it we're on there floor in a heap sobbing our hearts out & shaking uncontrollable & not knowing how to do deal with it, or we've completely shut down with everyone that we come into contact with.

Spending time in nature is one way of calming your mind down & giving you that sense of peace & tranquility away from the environment that is causing you the stress, when we spend time in nature we attend to listen to the birds, the rustling of the trees, the flow of a river where the water is calming, hug a tree as trees are a living energy, or spending time at the beach putting your feet in the sea water can be a big release for you, this is where I spend time when I need to process issues or get through something. Even taking a walk to the park and sitting on the grass is spending time in nature, we attend not to take our shoes off enough in my opinion, by taking your shoes off we connect ourselves with the earth as the earth is a magnetic field & also elements of the earth help us to get grounded, crystals are formed within the earth hence why crystals hold a lot of energy unless they're grinded and polished as that will take out most of the energy out of them.

Having a daily practice will help motivate you, it'll help you get into a routine, it'll help train your mind to be quieter & help you to be in a happier place within life, you'll be able to deal with life's struggles a lot easier, it'll help you to make decisions in a non rationale way, we'll be able to think things through a lot easier, all of these things will fall into place.

This is what I call training your mind to help with negative thoughts, it's about disciplining yourself, training your mind not to have negative thoughts will be the best thing you will ever do, just 20 mins a day for 6 months isn't a lot of work, it's self development.

Here are some tips on how to calm your mind down & to de-stress before going to sleep at night.

1~ First of all, we have to recognise when we're stressed, some signs could be having mood swings for no reason at all, or having anxiety & not knowing where it comes from, these are telltale signs of stress, being irrational is another sign, it's knowing to recognise when these are taking place within ourselves.

2~ Deep belly breathing is great for stress, when we're having an anxiety attack always remember one, deep belly breathing for 5 minutes will calm you down, two, hold on to something that is familiar to you whilst doing deep belly breathing, three, concentrate on your surroundings & where you are, focus on an object that has happy memories, four, try to smell a scent that is familiar with you, five try to lay down and take control of your breathing.

3~ Meditation can help you relax your mind before bedtime, by doing a guided meditation it helps you to concentrate on something other than what's making you stressed. Meditation is good for balancing your stress levels, it helps calms the mind, our minds are constantly going round in circles and we need to get away from that just for 5 minutes, the only way is to train your mind to be more quiet.

4~ Training your mind is something that can take a while to do, first of all we have to recognise when our minds are active, for example we attend to make up stories in our heads, a scenario that will most likely never happen, so in order for that to stop, we have to first learn some affirmations such as.

I need my mind to be quiet.

This heaviness will pass.

my ego needs to go away

some of these will help you, so when your mind is telling you negative thoughts when you recognise this it's time for you to flip the negative thought to a positive thought, now when we do this what happens is, that negative thought will in time just stop, this takes practice & this won't happen in 5 minutes, this takes months, the more you practice this the easier it'll become because you'll just instantly recognise that negative thought and you'll put a stop to it, all this is, is your ego telling you things that aren't true about yourself, for example : If someone tells you enough that your not good enough, eventually you'll start to believe that person, it's the same with the ego, the more you listen to that loud negative thought the more you'll believe it.

So the way to stop it is to flip the negative to a positive.

5~ Journalling is also a great way to get the stress of the day out of your head & onto paper, then you can either burn it or keep it for a later date in order to look back on.

6~ Stretching before bed is a great way to release stress from our bodies, we have over 40 trillion cells in our bodies, stress will get into our cells, into our bones, joints, and our minds, stretching is a great way to feeling good again.

7~ Exercise is amazing for stress, just a brisk 5 minute walk will help release and process the day.

8 ~ Herbal tea before bedtime will defiantly help you relax, especially camomile tea.

These tips will certainly help you, either before you go to work or in the evening or even on weekends, you only need 20 - 30 mins.


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