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Difference Between a Spiritual Awakening & Ascension

Updated: Mar 13, 2023


A lot of people have been asking me what's the difference between a spiritual awakening & ascension.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is when we wake up to something deeper about life.

A spiritual awakening is when you go deeper & start asking yourself questions, such as

What am I doing here?

What's the purpose of my life?

What am I doing here?

All of these different questions just start peering deeper & deeper, you start asking yourself these questions such as, Is there more to life than I'm living now?

These kind of questions start to surface during these periods of life, essentially what is happening, you wake up from what we know is called the 3D matrix.

The 3D matrix is a level of consciousness where we don't ask these deep questions, we just go about our life where we live a robotic life, where we just do the same routine, getting up, go to work, come home & re-do this repeated pattern throughout our lives without asking deeper questions about life, that's generally called the 3D matrix.

When you're going through an awakening, you wake up from that 3D matrix & suddenly just living isn't good enough anymore, you want to go deeper & deeper & have a deeper meaning, you want to understand how the universe works in a deeper way, that is generally what a spiritual awakening is.

The 3D matrix isn't so much about what you do it's more about the state of being within those things. When we're unconscious we go about our lives in a very robotic way, without asking questions. There's nothing wrong with you going to work, coming home & doing all the regular things that we do on a daily basis.

The difference is when we're unawakened we're dong these things not from a view of passion ( some people are passionate about what they do, and there's a lot of people who aren't passionate about what they do ) but also from a view of what's expected of them & how life is expected to be lived.

Then you have a spiritual awakening & carry on doing your regular activities like most people do, but you're dong them with a totally different level of consciousness & energy. Another way of looking at a spiritual awakening is where you start to connect with a non-spiritual world, you connect to a spirit world where you wouldn't have before.

So before an awakening we have no idea such a thing as the soul exists, non physical realms exist & so we're very stuck within what our five senses can perceive here on earth, when you have a spiritual awakening you start to connect very quickly to the non physical realities such as your soul, your spirit guides, you become more connected to the universe itself, you start to experience the non physical realities much easier than before as you may not of known these things existed. That's another way of looking at a spiritual awakening, a connection to a non physical state of reality.

A spiritual awakening normally starts when the rug of life has been pulled out from underneath of us where sudden shifts have happened in our lives, where sudden trauma maybe you've had a bad car accident or your partner breaks up with you, or you lose your job suddenly, these are all events that can really cause awakenings, there's a lot of times when we're in the hypnosis state & unawakened & the best way to wake us up is to pull the rug of life from right underneath us.

Sudden events can really wake us up, you can also have a spiritual awakening without having any trauma happening to you, you can just awake & start to feel differently about life which is what is happening to a lot of people.

Some people who don't know what a spiritual awakening is ( and this is what happened to me ) will go to a doctor because there symptoms can be very similar to a mid life crisis or a nervous breakdown or a mental health crisis or would see this as depression or anxiety.

So what happens is you think you're depressed or have anxiety, so off you go the doctors & you'll describe what's happening & he'll prescribe you medication which doesn't get to the root cause issue, what it does do is just masks it enabling you to cope with what's going on in life but never really sorts out the issue.

It's very important n to to get mixed up with mental health issues & a spiritual awakening, I have a blog on spiritual symptoms & it'll help identify what you're going through.

Why does a spiritual awakening happen

The reason we go through a spiritual awakening is because your soul triggers that awakening, your soul will awaken always at that divine timing, when your soul triggers the awakening it's doing so for evolution reasons, so your soul can grow, we don't just go through one awakening, we'll go through multiple awakenings where your soul will flick the switch to on. Just know your soul will only give you as much as you can take at one given time, this is why we have multiple awakenings, always know this isn't random, the awakenings come on in the exact time your soul wants, we have to learn to go with the flow & ride it out.

So now you know what a spiritual awakening is & why we go through them, so what is the ascension process & what is the difference between an ascension & spiritual awakening?

What is the ascension process

Ascension is a spiritual process that is triggered during your soul awakening. What happens is your soul triggers it & it's a purification process that will elevate your energy more & more. It's a cascading process that when it's triggered there are two steps.

The first step of the ascension process is elevating your energy more & more which is known as purging, we have 40 thousand trillion cells within our body & when we're triggered these cells let out all that density & built up baggage & energy that no longer serves you, all that density is released in to your blood stream & that's why we can feel nausea, another way to explain this is, if you go for a massage, your muscles are tight, when your muscles are massaged they loosen up and all that pent up energy is released and goes into your bloodstream & that's why we can feel little nausea after a massage, it's the same when your purging all that energy that has been released into your bloodstream will make you feel nausea & uncomfortable, because your cells are releasing all the toxins that no longer serve you.

The Second step of the ascension process is what we call light intake.

Once those 40 thousand trillion cells have released this past baggage which could be past life experiences or experiences of this lifetime & other things that no longer serve you, once these cells have released this energy we now have what we call a vacuum created inside of the cells & these cells are now empty & they are ready to receive more light & the receipting of light is crucial within your ascension process, because you cannot increase your energy without the presence of light, so that's how the ascension process works.

The more light you have housed in your body the higher your vibration & energy is. This second step is as uncomfortable as the purging step that I talked about during the spiritual awakening, having housed more light, this can be uncomfortable for your body, because your cells are open & haven't housed that much light before, so this takes accommodation on the body, but these are generally the two steps that are happening in the ascension process, the higher you can hold the light in your body the higher your vibration will be. The goal is to get you to vibrate at a higher level, the higher your vibration then the more our physical body is aligned with our soul & then we're able to take on more light.

One thing to remember about the ascension process is that it operates in cycles, ( yes that's right we go through multiple cycles of ascension, not just one cycle ) it doesn't just happen once then your done, it'll happen in cycles to prepare your body for more light to be housed, your soul will trigger another ascension cycle then there'll be a pause so your body can acclimate to the new energy to get used to housing more light, these ascensions will always happen when your soul is ready to trigger another ascension.

Each time your body acclimates to being able to house higher light & more concentration of light, your soul will only take on the amount of light from the universe or source because taking on too much light in a physical body that isn't ready for it can be damaging to the body, so you don't have to worry about when the next ascension cyscles are coming because your soul controls all of this.

Each time you go through an ascension your body gets used to housing more light so it becomes easier for you & less physical symptoms.

How to accelerate the ascension process

So sometimes people get stuck in the ascension process as it's going slower than it needs to, usually because people aren't using this one tip that I'm going to share with you.

Extreme Self Care ~ meaning the more you care for this beautiful body the faster you can get through the ascension process, when you know you're entering an ascension you can go into extreme self~care where you can take care of your body & be very gentle with it, you just have to implement a lot of practices & techniques that are caring for our body, the more you do that the more your allowing the physical body enough space to be able to ascend faster.

The more you self care the faster you'll ascend, for instance your body will become exhausted to the point where you can't physically go to work, so you stay home & rest & sleep instead of pushing yourself, if you need a bath take a salt bath, rest your body by sitting & relaxing because believe me as I've been through a few of these now, there are some days where you will just sleep because your so exhausted from your cells taking in more light.

Fasting is another good tip for ascending faster during the ascension process.

fasting has been used by mystics & regular people all over the world, so when your going through an ascension consider using fasting as a tool. Fasting works really well because when you give the body food constantly you're syphoning a lot of energy through the digestive system, your digestive system is always using energy to digest food, when you're freeing up all that energy because your digestive system doesn't have any food to digest, that energy is used in a more productive way. The more you release the body from any excess load that it'll have, the more energy it has to go through the different processes.

Another one is to eat lightly & decrease your animal protein & increase your plant intake so again you're lightening the load for your body to work, increase your water intake & decrease your physical exercise, sleep more because your body will be exhausted as I mentioned earlier in this blog.

Most importantly is to listen to your body because your body will communicate to you what it needs hence why it's important to listen to your body, become in tune with your body & please do not ignore what your b body needs as it will not end well for you.

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