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Differentiating Psychic Messages & Your Thoughts

Updated: Feb 14


How do we tell that the messages we get are psychic or just a thought ?

Some believe that we are born psychic & some say that we're not born psychic, as children we are born with pure love, we are an open vessel, children can see spirits, they can also see there past lives if the veil is thin enough. Children are normally closed down at a young age & as we grow into our teens the intuition or psychic abilities have almost closed, mainly because our parents have closed us down for now, I say for now because it's never really gone, our intuition or our psychic senses are laying dormant until it's time for them to be opened up again. When i say opoened up again, just know that not everyone will open up their psychic senses. Most men are closed off by the time they've reached there late teens, & some men the intuition opens back up & become very psychic.

What is the definition of Intuition ?

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Intuition is an inner knowing, just knowing something & you have no idea how you know but you just know, it's a feeling you get within you, it's a warm feeling of just knowing, almost like you're being comforted. Your intuition is a psychic sense.

Just because a random thought comes into your head doesn't mean it's a psychic message, it's knowing between the ego voice & the intuition voice which I will go into detail later on.

Opening up your intuition to be able to lead a life of being spiritual awareness with your surroundings, or being spiritually aware with the people around you is a journey, not a destination.

Between science & spiritual people & spiritual teachers, there's a mainstream split & what I mean by that is this, in mainstream science intuition is currently studied as the subconscious phenomenon, a mind phenomenon according to science, to me intuition is a heart phenomenon, this maybe a bit hard to get your head around as people seem to think that being intuitive or psychic comes from your third eye & crown chakras.

To understand intuition as a spiritual phenomenon especially as a heart phenomenon, you have to take a step back as a whole human being, what I mean is you have to understand the energy parts of who you are, not just the person your looking at in the mirror.

Your body has over 60 trillion cells, however this isn't just who we are, your body has an energy field which is multilayered, which extends from your physical body, this is called your auric field, which extends all around your body probably a few feet all around you. Your auric field is constantly coming into contact with other peoples auric fields, hence why we need to cleanse on a daily basis, this is all part of managing your energy, your auric field is constantly feeding us information & the information is then directed to you, not through your mind but through your intuition which is your heart centre, your heart centre is the portal where it stores information & that information is sent to your brain then given to you as a thought, (yes this is hard to get your head around but believe me, your heart is where your intuition starts.)

Difference between Intuition & thinking

We all know what thinking feels like, because we are all very mind centred, so we know how our thoughts work, so there are 5 different key characteristics to the difference between intuition & thinking.

The first characteristic.

We're trained or automatically programmed to believe intuition is an emotion, meaning if something doesn't feel good we shouldn't do it, or if something does feel good then we should go ahead & do it, we seem to think or we're trained to believe that our emotions are a good indicator of whether we should be doing this or that.

Emotions can't be trusted, many times our emotions can be fickle, emotions are just thoughts, they can be right sometimes or they can be wrong, just like overreacting these are also just thoughts that we have then we react to that thought but also we react to that emotion too, probably more so to our emotions rather than the thoughts itself which can be just our emotions.

Don't rely on your emotional response, pure intuition is emotionally neutral, here's why two different scenarios.

Your walking down the street & you get mugged from behind & they take your purse & steal all your bank cards, your drivers license & all of your money, your brain reacts & the red flags go up, you become hysterical, your crying & not sure what to do. Two weeks later your again your walking down the street & you sense someone walking behind you, you turn your head slightly to see who it is & all you can see is a persons figure, not sure who it is you turn right around to have a look & it's a little old lady with her shopping trolley.

Now is that your intuition ? No it wasn't you were responding to fear, because you had been mugged two weeks before, so your brain was

Here is another scenario with emotions, you go on a date with a guy & you have a great time, you have another date & your talking you get along really well, you decide start dating & 3 months down the line and he treats you badly, so your emotions trusted this guy as he had treated you well on the first two dates, then you go onto dating him & he becomes a complete idiot & your thinking why did i trust this guy. This is why we shouldn't trust our emotions.

It's important to know that intuition isn't always neutral, when we start to have these intuitive thoughts it comes from the heart centre, so when your intuition starts to develop then the intuitive thoughts then turns into an emotion, such as when I have mediumship come through to me I then get the emotions that come with the mediumship which can either be sadness or happiness, I may have tears because it's such a beautiful thing to be able to help those who grieve there loved ones, also it's because my heart is wide open, so what comes with that is the emotion, now we all have intuition as we are all born with it, it's just a case of opening it up again as it's been closed off for so long, so I'm going to give you some tips at the end of this blog.

When our heart chakra is open that's when we receive intuitive messages. When we first start receiving messages it's exciting.

The second characteristic is non verbal, which means & it's important to know that there is no verbal language because it comes from the heart & there is no language within the heart because it physically can't speak. This is how it works, your heart receives the messages & then sends it up to your brain which will unpack the information & sends it back down to you so you can act on it, now the other part of this is your ego, because your ego loves to mimic your intuition, that's because your ego has to be in control & doesn't like to lose that control, now if you're getting a lot of thoughts coming in to your head such as let's go & buy those jeans even if you can't afford it or go plan something & it all goes wrong then that is your ego speaking to you not your intuition & it's our ego because that's a language that the ego uses, if it's coming form the heart it's a warm quiet feeling, not a loud voice in your mind, the loud voice in your mind is the ego, but sometimes the ego can also be that quiet voice because it loves to mimic the intuitive messages, but there is a difference with this quiet ego voice & when you learn to understand your intuition & how it works then you'll understand that quiet ego voice. The more we connect to our heart centre & the more we connect to our body then the more we connect to our intuition, the more we connect with our intuition the less the ego will mimic your intuition & it'll eventually stop. Sometimes the ego will come back & try to fool us into believing that it's your intuition when it's not, we just have to know the difference. Prime example is I'll pick up my phone & I'll have a message come through exactly the same time I pick it up, that's my intuition telling me there's a message coming through, this happens a lot I just know when to pick up my phone & when not to.

The Third characteristic is the heartbeat can change when you're receiving an intuitive message, this can happen with very sensitive people, they can physically tell when they're going to get a message because their heartbeat will flutter slightly or miss a beat & bang there's the message.

The Fourth characteristic is that your intuition has no mental explanation, when you receive a genuine intuitive message you can't explain it, now I'm sure quite a few people have experienced this before, sometimes we just know to turn down a different street for no reason, it's almost like we get told to, so we do & when we get home we then find out that we have just avoided an accident with lots of traffic.

The Fifth one is Intuition is a quantum phenomenon , what this means is that your intuition will only give you bits & pieces of information, it doesn't come in sentences & it doesn't come with plan of how to get somewhere or a plan of action. When you trust your intuition or your soul messages & learn to listen to them then your life will start to change in a direction which is meant for you.

Here are a few tips on how to connect with your intuition.

One - Understand your intuition on a higher level, become familiar with your intuitive language, the more you understand how it works the more connected you will feel.

Two - Quiet the mind as much as possible, set up a room in your home where you won't be disturbed, buy a few crystals & set your room up so the energy feels good, get a few candles & light them give the room some ambience set the mood right.

Spend ten minutes each day practicing deep breathing, learn to meditate as that will quiet down your mind, after a day of working take some time out to clear your mind, journal out your thoughts get them out of your head & onto paper. the more quieter your mind is the easier it will be to connect to your heart centre & open yourself up to our intuition.

Three - Whilst meditating ask a question & wait for the answer, if the answer doesn't come straight away don't get frustrated as thats an emotional response, it takes time & practice to open up your intuition. The more balanced you are the more you'll receive messages, the answers will come when your least expecting it, don't ask silly questions such as "when will I meet someone" as you won't get an answer.

Four - When you do finally get a message come through observe it, see how it feels within your body & get used to that feeling, so when your ego tries to mimic you then you'll know the difference between ego & intuition.

Five - Connect to your heart chakra, meditation works well with one, open your heart to love yourself & others, become less judgemental on yourself, turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, listen to your heart & what it wants.

These are my five tips on how to connect with your intuition & how to open yourself up to messages. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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