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Feeling unworthy & how to heal


When we feel unworthy of ourselves it's because we have healing to do within ourselves, this starts with our chakras which I will go into later on & how to heal.

It's not a nice feeling to feel unworthy, this can bring on anxiety, depression, feelings of not being good enough. When we feel this way we don't work to our best ability or we don't believe within ourselves the same way as someone else would.

On a spiritual level we may need to manage our energy & we can do this by sitting down & feeling our energy centre which is located at the lower back of our skulls, by feeling your energy we can determine if we have excess energy to release, by having too much excess energy we can have anxiety, or those feelings of not being worthy or not believing within ourselves. It's simply a case of sitting still feeling your energy centre by holding your hand about 30cm away from the back of your neck, now I do this everyday as I can have way too much energy & that needs to be released. Sitting down with Both feet firmly on the floor & placing your hands on a non living thing such as a table, couch or a chair, by taking a few deep breaths and on the inhale say in your mind "I" & on the out breathe say "AM" & visualise your energy leaving your body & going into the non living chair, table or couch, it's kinda like a meditation which will help you relax your body & mind whilst releasing the energy that needs to released, when we have too much energy we can become chaotic within our own minds & not even realise it, we can also portray our negative thoughts onto other people which again isn't what we are trying to achieve.

Feeling unworthy is another form of trauma that we have to deal with, it’s those negative feelings that we have towards ourselves and feeling like we’ve lost that connection with ourselves and the universe is hard to deal with, life can create these beliefs but they are also an illusion, we need to find where we lost the connection in the first place, was it our confidence? Has someone said something to us to make us believe that we’re not worthy of ourselves, we then need to take one step at a time to reconnect and find ourselves again.

The negative thought patterns that we have is another form of self-sabotaging within itself, when we have these negative thought patterns we may not even realise it until someone actually points it out to us, these thoughts are part of the ego in which the ego wants us to believe these thoughts are real, so how do we recognise the ego voice within us ?

The ego voice is that big loud voice in your head telling you to buy those jeans that you can't afford or tells you things like "go on say this as that's the answer" only to find out it's wrong, the ego is also that shadow part of you that you don't see or recognise, the ego loves to tell you negative things about yourself, especially when your feeling really unworthy about yourself.

The quiet, calm voice is your intuition which I will be writing about very soon, to be able to hear this beautiful quiet voice we first need to quiet down the noisey chit chatter within our minds.

We can do this by journalling, meditation work & changing your thought process.

You can read my blog "why do we meditate" as that has a lot of useful information.

Tuning into your intuition does take time & practice, I'll also be writing more on Intuition & spiritual awareness at a later date.

When we are triggered or are having these negative thought patterns such as "I'm not good enough" or "I suck at everything that I do"

This is what we call trauma & yes it's hard to get out of your head & in the present, when we have these thoughts we can have to train our thoughts to be positive by flipping it around to a positive thought, such as finding a happy place where you had some nice memories or place your mind at the beach, or somewhere you would like to be, by doing this we train our minds to set off different pathways within us, this does take time to do, every time a negative thought comes in flip the story to a positive one, over time you'll have very little negative thoughts come into you.

The third chakra which is called your Solar Plexus is where we hold our personal power and confidence, when that is blocked or damaged we start to lose our confidence, we start to shut down and again that’s due to someone abusing you, they have taken away your power because you’ve allowed them to do that, that chakra becomes imbalanced, and this has to be healed too, the way to do this is through affirmations and believing within yourself, so when you start to have a negative thought then we have to recognise that and flip it over to a positive thought straight away otherwise we will go into a spiral of anxiety because we are allowing these thoughts to control us, it’s simply taking that control back.

What we don’t realise is that we don’t like ourselves or we don’t think we are deserving of good within our lives, that ego voice in our subconscious mind is so entrenched into us that half the time we don’t hear it or we think it’s normal to be like this.

The first thing we’ll be doing is when we start to recognise those thoughts of self-sabotage is journaling them down and getting them out of your head and onto paper, that way you’re not carrying those thoughts around with you. Secondly ask yourself some questions such as

Why do I feel like I’m not good enough?

Where does this unworthiness come from?

When did I start to feel unworthy?

Does this come from child-hood?

So here are a few thing that we can do to fully self-accept ourselves & to heal ourselves from unworthiness

We can write a journal every day. Focus on removing toxic relationships from your life.

Give yourself permission to follow your heart and also please forgive yourself for past mistakes.

Show love and kindness to others.

1/ Confront our fears

2/ Stay Positive, this also means thinking positive thoughts and changing our thought process

3/ Forgiveness of ourselves and those who made us believe that we aren’t good enough,

4/ Stop taking things personally, don’t take what someone says personal as it’s just a reflection of themselves.

5/ Believing in yourself, change the story.


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