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How I Began My Tarot Journey

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


When I was in my early twenties I always went to Tarot readers as I was fascinated by them & always wondered how they read the cards & were able to tune into people & how they knew things.They would always say the same things such as I'm insecure or I have many lessons to learn or that I don't believe in myself, & just like everyone else I had a lot of issues that I had to deal with and to heal.

I went through a massive spiritual awakening in my twenties, going through the dark night of the soul wasn't pleasant, I was seeing spirits where I lived in the UK, every week the same evening I would see four war veterans from the 17th Century walking through my living room & through the walls. My home was an open gateway for spirits however little did I know that at the time, I thought I was going crazy at the time. I couldn't keep my job as it didn't resonate with me, I found it hard to settle into any job, I sold all my favourite music that I loved & I thought I was totally depressed which I wasn't it was a different sadness that I had. Nothing really made sense to me, I almost lost my home because I couldn't keep a job, I was waking up at 2am 4am was always tired my eating patterns were all over the place I was having very vivid dreams & so I went to he doctors he gave me medication and sent me off to a psychiatrist & after a few appointments he said I was ok and that I was after attention, which I clearly wasn't.

One thing that did happen to me that has never left me was when I had an out of body experience, which I won't go into too much as the details are pretty gruesome and not pleasant, basically I was being dragged into a church over gravestones by something which was as black as darkness, I was in tears my wrists were sore & couldn't pull away despite my efforts, I looked over to my left and saw an angel ( yes that's right an angel ) who saved me from this dark thing that had hold of me, she brought me to the light and helped me back into my body, my eyes were open and my wrists were red sore had all scratches up my arms, I was in tears & had no idea what had happened to me.

Soon after I had that experience I was financially struggling with my mortgage and was having to work six days a week also working evenings with clients to bring in extra money, one Sunday I bought a newspaper which came inside was a magazine, I looked through & at the back of the magazine was a book club, I thought I'd join for One pound and get a free gift, I mean let's face it who doesn't like a free gift ?

Four weeks later & I received my free gift & to my surprise there it was a pack of Tarot Cards & Rune Stones, wow I was shocked and I absolutely shit myself as it was brainwashed into me that these were the devil's work & something that I hadn't mentioned earlier was that I was a born again christian at the time.I left them in the kitchen for about a month or two before throwing them away & that's how tarot came into my life.

Part Two Coming Soon How Tarot Doesn't Leave Your Life

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