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How I Began My Tarot Journey Part Three

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


This third & final part is about how I became a healer.

By this time I'd been living in Melbourne for 14 years & I had loved living there for it gave me a lot of opportunities for my job which was a hairdresser at the time, it was 2018 that I had noticed things shifting & changing for me such as my living conditions had changed dramatically, I had gone from living in a one bed apartment in the heart of Elwood which I loved, to living in a shared house, probably the biggest mistake that I could of done to be honest, as I was struggling with being around people & struggling with my own issues that I had at the time.

So off I goes and lives in a shared house which I soon realised it was absolutely awful as time went on the guy who lived with us hated me in which was fine by me however he didn't like the fact that I did tarot, he wouldn't allow me to have any clients come & see me for a reading, the other girl who lived in the house was ok, she was trying to be friends with me however I saw straight through her in which she wasn't very nice either, so whilst all this was going on I had started to notice that my hands were really hot when I was around certain people, that being said I also started to see where people had there pain, I also noticed how my cells in my body started to vibrate which was painful but at the same time it was pleasurable if that makes sense, the only way I can describe the feeling is like your body is having an orgasm but also very painful at the same time.

So whilst living in this dreadful house I used to take myself off to the beach to put my feet in the sea as that's the only thing that calmed my body down so as I'm calming my body down I started to see where there was pain in someones body which was totally new for me and I had no idea what to do with this new thing.

The ascension process can be extremely difficult & painful at the same time, I would sit there in tears not really knowing what was happening as my body was very uncomfortable with this vibration within my body.

The very first time I helped someone as in heal there pain so they were pain free was in the salon with one of my clients, I noticed that within her left shoulder & I remember it so clearly, that all I could see was inflammation around her joints, when I said to her about her shoulder she was very surprised and said "how do you know I have a sore shoulder" I said "I can see your inflammation within your shoulder & I can see your pain, by this time my hands were so hot they were burning, I put my hand on to her shoulder & I could feel the pain drawing out after five minutes her pain was gone and so was the inflammation I was absolutely shocked that I could do that to someone, my client was also just as shocked as I was. That was the very time I knew that I could take pain away from people. The second time was on a friend who lived in the country & had a spinal infusion done in fact she had two spinal infusions done and she was in a lot of pain, off I went to see her in her motel as she was in Melbourne to see the doctors about her back. When I got there again the same thing happened my hands were that hot they were painfully burning & I said to her "what's the pain out of ten?" she said "15" I said to her "come here I'll help you" & again I sat there put my hands on her lower back for 10 mins and took away the pain in her lower back, she said to me whilst I had my hands on her lower back "have you got a wheat bag?" I said "no just my hands" anyway I called Merryl who had said to me a few years earlier that I was a healer & I laughed at her and said "me? I can't heal myself let alone anyone else."

At the end of 2018 I spent New Year in Albury with some friends & I met someone who has become a very good friend of mine, during that night I was explaining how my hands were going hot and she suggested reiki to me, at the time I had never heard of reiki I said I'd look into it and I never did to be honest wasn't really bothered as I had this new gift and I was helping people at the time, I was pretty arrogant as to thinking I was special and had something that no one else had.

That year in 2018 I had been to see a psychic medium for a reading, my first reading in 15 years to be honest, so she explained to what reiki was and how it can fine tune me and my healing and that was when I put in touch with a beautiful soul and she took me through my Level One Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki in 2019 which fine tuned me, my hands were no longer burning hot when I was around someone that needed healing, I could now bring on the healing when I wanted to & not just have it come on & be in pain with it.

I was soon to do my Level Two Reiki where I could become a Reiki Practitioner. However before I did my Level One Reiki I had met Jane in Beechworth in a bookshop where she was working & it was almost the same as the film Notting Hill ( I laughs as I'm writing this) we spoke for Two Hours & not one person came into the shop until I left with Jane's number that she gave me, that was the start of our relationship & when I did my Level Two Reiki Jane had previously done her Kundalini Reiki Masters beforehand, I actually didn't know she was going to turn up in my Level Two Reiki class as we had split up, when she turned up I was fuming because wherever I was she was there, if I was in the supermarket Jane was there, if I was out Jane was there, we would just bump into each other all the time, so I was trying to get away from Jane but no the universe wanted us together ( laughs again at this whole scenario lol ) anyway when Jane turned up in my Reiki class some time had passed between us and we went to lunch where I sat with her & noticed her beautiful eyes & face, I apologised to her for being such an arsehole to her, I explained that a lot had happened such as my mother passing in August of 2019 soon after we got back together again and that was that, we did our Level Two Reiki together & it was absolutely amazing to have the pleasure to have Jane in my class, during Level Two we did some meditations & then we had the attunement which was even more powerful than Level One, during the attunement I saw my Guardian Angel again, I hadn't seen her since I had my out of body experience in which she saved me. Since then she has never left me she's my protector from psychic attacks, black magic. I then went on to start my business in January 2020 & since then I have now become a Reiki Master & have had many amazing experiences with giving reiki for clients, I've done numerous live healings on my Facebook Business Page as well as live Tarot Readings, my first Live Healing was amazing to do, I had a lot of people come on and it went viral reaching 56,000 people and having 7,000 people watch the live stream & since then I've done regular Live Healings and readings online & now I teach Tarot & Reiki, Jane also completed her Masters at the same time as me & I now live in Queensland with Jane who is my soul mate best friend my everything.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Tarot & Healing Journey as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

I'll be writing a lot more about healing & all things spiritual.

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