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How I Began My Tarot Journey Part Two

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


A few years after I threw away the Tarot cards that had came to me via a book club that I had joined, I had realised that they came into my life for me to learn & it wasn't till I was in my 40's that I had also realised that I had a spiritual awakening, as back then I had no one to really talk to as these things were happening to me, so I went on my merry way and just lived life to what I had wanted, leaving England wasn't an option for me as I had always wanted to leave England as I was never really happy as a person during my 20's so I decided to go to America & see some friends, so off I went to Tulsa in Oklahoma to see friends, I wasn't really interested in all the sight seeing tourist stuff, I wanted to see the real America & it was amazing, travelling through Oklahoma to the North of Texas to Amarillo stayed there for a few nights then went on to Arizona the Grand Canyon, now that place was amazing to see, the photos don't do it justice, I stayed there for a few weeks exploring the area and found a place called 6th street which was a great place for shopping and nightlife, when I was leaving the Grand Canyon I saw a helicopter land blocking most of the road & there I saw a guy being resuscitated that wasn't what I thought I'd see, then onto New Mexico to Albuquerque & there I saw native Indians making jewellery on the streets, was an amazing place & so from there travelled on to Hoover Dam where I witnessed a guy jump off & took his life, extremely disturbing, the police were there in seconds asking if anyone had seen what happened, I soon left there & carried on my journey to Las Vegas which was very interesting to say the least, there I stayed for 7 days saw some sights and then left and went back to Oklahoma for a few weeks to relax, after that I went to Dallas & onto San Antonio to see the river walk where you can take a boat down the river it was amazing, San Antonio I could of stayed & lived there, however unfortunately I had to go back to England, it wasn't till I got back I decided that I really didn't wanna be there anymore.

I put the house up for sale and hoped it would sell, it didn't I was gutted stayed in the UK for another 3 years, during those 3 years I started to have a series of dreams which were all about travel (and this why I always say write your dreams down.) I was being shown where I was supposed to be, these dreams were of being on a plane, or on a boat, or waiting for a boat, or walking through a theme park and the beach being there, walking past a marina full of boats. These dreams went on for 3 long years and I had no idea what they meant, I even dreamt of driving down a long windy road with cliffs on one side and the sea on the other side in a red jeep with a dog, these dreams were so vivid and powerful I just had no idea where it was.

One day I woke up & said "I'm going to Australia" I put the house up for sale & it sold within 5 days, 6 weeks later I was moved out and on my way to Melbourne Australia having never been there before and not knowing anyone off I went to find me.

After a few years of being in Melbourne I met someone ( I won't name her) & little did I know that her mother was a psychic medium, now I know she didn't approve of me however she saw that I had a gift and she bought me a pack of Tarot cards, so once again the tarot came back into my life but this time for all good reasons, it was then I realised that I did have a gift and I started to learn tarot & open up my gifts, I used to block her mum from reading me & that was when she said to me that she was going to teach me tarot.

A few years later we had split up & I went on my way to explore me more, I had realised with learning tarot that I had a few more issues than I originally thought, I found a counsellor and started my healing which took a long 8 years on & off with a counsellor. My healing didn't stop there, moving on a few more years and I did a tarot course with a beautiful lady called Merryl Key, the first thing she said to me was "Your a healer" & I literally laughed at her and said "I can't even heal myself let alone other people."

During the time I was living in Melbourne I learnt a lot about me & who I was as a person, I started to grow & become a different person, I was changing into a better person. I was still studying tarot and to connect with them I used to carry them around with me, I took them to work, took them out with me if I drove anywhere, I'd sleep with them under my pillow or beside my bed, they were always with me everywhere I went they went.

I started to read for people when I was working in the hair salon, I would read for my clients as I was picking up on things about them, so I would get my cards out (with there permission) and do a 3 card reading for them, it was good practice for me and they got some answers too. I would read for as many people as I could and what I noticed was that my intuition was getting stronger and my readings were getting better, I was pretty much spot on with most readings which amazed me as I had very little confidence & self worth at the time, other people would encourage me to read more, so the more I read the more confidence it gave me.

When tarot cards do come into your life they really are meant to be there and they will not leave your life, believe me I've tried a few times to get rid of them & they just keep coming back. Tarot cards are a very powerful tool that shouldn't be abused or taken for granted.

Part Three coming soon How I became a Reiki Healer

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