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How to cleanse your Tarot Cards


Some say tarot originates from the 14th Century Italy, some say Tarot originates from the 17th Century Egypt & others say tarot originates from the 17th Century France.

To be honest I'm not sure if anyone actually knows where tarot originates from but what we do know is that tarot can be used for healing ourselves and using tarot as an insight to what we need to heal within, whether it's emotional issues or pain issues, or even anger issues. Tarot can be used for a variety of uses, such as finding direction within our path, answering questions that we need to know & getting guidance.

When we look at tarot cards they're just a piece of card with imagery, we attend to mistake tarot for not being very powerful, however when we connect with our tarot cards and they start to call us in & wants us to use them there's always a powerful message either for us or for someone else who is close to us.

Tarot is an extremely powerful divination tool for receiving messages from spirit that's why it's so important to have a sacred space for when using tarot cards. It's also important to have a clear mind so you can receive messages from spirit. Before I go into the healing part of tarot and what some cards can mean I want to talk to about how to cleanse & connect with your cards also have a sacred space and how to clear your mind before using your cards.

Connecting & Cleansing our Tarot Cards

First of all when we first use our cards they'll have to cleansed either with white sage incense or a white sage smudge stick & when we cleanse them we also visualise a white light around our cards and coming through them, using a smudge stick we say whilst cleansing our tarot cards "all negative energy must leave only allow positive energy to stay" you can also ask Archangel Micheal to come in for protection against negative energy. Cleansing is vital for your cards before a reading or even just pulling a few cards for yourself and after your reading as the cards have been used, I also do not allow my clients to touch my cards, now I do know every reader is different and will read different from me, just know there isn't a wrong style to read. The other way to cleanse your cards is to use clear selenite crystals, what the selenite does is absorbs all the negative energy that your cards will pick up.

The way we connect with our cards will be different for everyone, as everyone has a different energy & will vibrate on a different frequency, here are a few things we can do to connect with tarot cards.

We can sit at home and shuffle the cards "yes I know it sounds odd to sit and shuffle for hours on end but this is one way off connecting" when we do shuffle the cards, we're putting our own energy onto he cards, and with doing that we'er connecting with the cards. The other ways are to carry them around with you & I mean everywhere you go the cards go with you, another way is to sleep with them beside your bed or even put them in a velvet pouch and pop them under your pillow whilst you sleep.

If you start to feel there's a sudden urge to pick them up and use them, then that's a sign they're calling you to use them. You can also draw one card a day and write down the first thing that comes to you, then throughout the day take notice too see if anything resonates with that card you pulled out.

How to create a sacred Physical Space for a Tarot Reading

If you have a spare room in your home that you're not using then you can use that to set up a space for when you pull cards for yourself and want to connect with them. It's important that you have a room where you can go & sit to relax and just be with your own thoughts and get away from everyone, especially when you've had a difficult day you just need some of your own space.

The seating arrangement can be a two seater sofa with a small table beside the sofa and have a few crystals on the table to reflect the mood of your room, it's important that you have the room set up in a way that it's comfortable for you, by having a few crystals on the table and a family photo is a nice simple way to enhance the feel of your room.

Always cleanse the room on a daily basis so you don't have any negative energies coming into your home. You can cleanse your room using either sage incense & using reiki ( if you've done your reiki level One or Two) or by using Palo Santo wood which is from South America. By cleansing your room either everyday or every time you do a reading you disperse any negative energy that has been left behind by clients.

Please take note when cleansing there can be some really heavy negative energy left behind from clients, so always ensure that you are also protected with white light, if you're finding there's a lot of negative energy in your room then open up all your windows and allow the natural sunlight to come in, once cleansed close the door behind you and stay out of the room for 24 hours then you'll find the energy will have gone & the room will feel a lot lighter.

You can also do readings outside of your reading room, such as your local park or your back yard, just take a few of your favourite crystals & make sure you're in a space where no one will disturb you, just be guided with what feels right, you'll know when it feels wrong.

Mental Head Space

It's so very important before any reading our mental head space isn't full of chit chat and our minds are as silent as possible, we do this by meditating, some readers don't have to meditate before a reading, some readers do meditate before a reading, there is no wrong way to go about getting ready for a reading. The more silent your mind is & the more you're relaxed the easier it is to be able to tune into your client & hear the messages coming through to you. If the client isn't relaxed then he/she will be blocking you because they'll have there walls up around them which makes the reading a lot harder, so your client will have to be relaxed too, some clients are very excited and nervous at the same time so once you've put them at ease then you'll be able to do the reading.

I always tune into my clients before they come so I know why they've come to see me, usually I spend almost an hour tuning in to them and writing down what's going on for them, sometimes I get loved ones in spirit come through with beautiful messages and other times I get friends coming through.

Some clients will have many questions for you & some clients won't, some clients will have heavy energy around them and that's because they're going through a tough time, what I find is after speaking to the client for 30 minutes or so the energy starts to disperse & the client feels lighter, that's because I'm actually sending the client reiki as I speak to them, so what I'm doing is creating a safe environment which is extremely important for them to be in & feel safe, which I will go into soon.

Some clients will want direction, guidance or to see if they're on the right track, some will want to know if they have a relationship coming into there lives, some will want to know about there relationship, now I don't do relationship readings as they're very hard to predict especially when your not getting any messages, hence why I don't do love questions or I don't do relationship readings. Some clients just want confirmation on a situation.

Emotional Space

It's so important to hold space for someone especially when they've broken down in tears, I've always been taught to never try to console them by putting your arms around them, one because you really shouldn't be touching your client especially when I'm a male, secondly because you probably could give them the wrong impression and I always feel that you need there permission & thirdly because once you console them they stop crying, always remember crying isn't a weakness it's a strength, the client is releasing all that toxic crap out of there body for them to feel lighter and better, it's releasing.

Spiritual Space

The spiritual space that we create is the energy of the room, your energy that you use to be able to do a reading, hence why I get very tired after doing a reading, especially when I'm tuning into a client an hour before the client arrives then they hour that I'm doing the reading, that's why I always book out two hours appointment slots so I can replenish my energy before my next client.

We need to connect to the universe, also my intuition and my spirit guides during the reading so I can receive messages, what clients don't see is how much work goes into a reading before my clients get to my home, I do meditation work, I have to open up my chakras, connect to spirit & get my energy right before any reading.

Palo Santo is a wood from South America, it's great for cleansing, it takes away all the negative energy and leaves behind the positive energy, the native Indians use this to cleanse the earth, it has a beautiful soft sweet smell to it, the native Indians also use sage to cleanse with when they do there rituals, I also use Palo Santo to cleanse with when I do to peoples homes to cleanse and get rid of bad energy.

So before any reading it's important to get your room ready, your mind quiet & your energy has to be right too. No point in trying to do a reading when your mind is full of chit chat or if you're having a bad day as the reading probably won't go right. I've had clients in before where I haven't been able to read them because they either don't need a reading & they need a reiki session instead or because they're blocking me or because they've simply don't have anything going on within there lives, some people need a mediumship reading where they want me to connect to there love ones.

This is written on my personal experiences and what I have to do when I have clients.

Everyone who reads will always read different and sometimes we can't read for people because we're simply not supposed to and that's ok.


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