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Narcissistic Behaviour


This is how narcissistic people can create a volatile situation, I wrote about this on my Facebook business page a while ago & thought I could probably add more to how these people work or how their mind works. So here is what happens when you meet a narcissistic person. When you first meet them you won't know that they have a nasty streak in them as they come across extremely well presented or just nice. Sometimes we can see straight through them or on a spiritual level we can feel there energy & know there isn't something right with particular people & if you listen to your gut instinct then you'll know to keep away from these types of people.

There are a few different types of narcissistic people around & I'm going to go through a couple of them.

The first type is that of a person will come across all nice & normal then they will slowly but surely get to know you & will start to gain your trust by telling you what you want to hear, now these types of people are very smart & are very quick to work you out as a person, they'll find out information about you & get you to open up, & over a period of time, this could be 6 months or 12 months but they slowly study your emotions & what makes you tick, they will build you up & make you feel a million dollars, they will build your confidence & make you feel like the relationship is solid & nothing can get in-between you. Don't forget by this time they have you firmly in there web just like a spider will lure it's victims in & before you know it you're trapped with nowhere to go. They'll also try to take your friends away from you & make you feel like you only need them & them only. This is because they're so insecure they can't handle you being happy & having friends, this is because they don't have friends or the friends they do have simply don't stay in there lives because they walk away from there behaviour because they're so damaging.

So at this stage you have lost some if not all of your friends and your with this person who then out of nowhere will start to slowly pick at you & start to tear you down & rip your confidence away, pick on the small things that don't matter in life, they'll pick on the way you dress or the way you do things then they'll apologise at first & say it won't happen again however they just can't help themselves to start it up again in like say a months time, they'll make it up to you & your confidence will be back again feeling good, but somewhere in the back of your mind there will be a warning & that'll come later.

Then comes the much harsher things they attend to do you, they'll then start to make you believe that your not good enough, they will take your confidence & eventually take all your pride & break you down over a period of time, they attend to this very slowly so you don't notice but what happens is there's something within there brain that they just can't stop & seem to think that this is normal behaviour when it's not. So once it's too late & I say this with great sadness because these types of people want to control you, belittle you in front of your family & friends, then comes the best part & I say this because this part is absolutely disgusting behaviour, they then make you believe that it's all your fault & not just that but they'll do things behind your back without anyone knowing deny it all & all of this time you'll think you're the one who is going crazy.

So now by this time you've lost your friends & feel like you have no-one to turn to, also you become absolutely scared to death of them because they're so unpredictable within there behaviour. You will never know what behaviour you're coming home to, or what mood they'll be in, that's the scary part for most women. Their abusive behaviour can come out at anytime it can take 12 months or 12 years, you just never know when it's going to happen.

Then there's the second type of narcissist who doesn't just do just all the above but will go the extra length to turn you against there family, then they'll slowly start to lose there temper & start to slap you on the arm or legs, again they'll apologise & say they didn't mean it, they'll regain your trust & the cycle of patterns starts to happen again, I say it's a cycle because that's how these people work. They lure you back in by being nice buying you gifts & then out of nowhere again they'll start to abuse you, this time they'll go one step further & actually hit you & then it turns volatile & again the cycle has started all over again.

These types of people have a chemical imbalance within there brains & they seem to think this is the way to treat people, they seem to think that taking the piss out of other people's expense is a good thing, what they lack is self-esteem, confidence & have to make themselves feel good by running others down in a way which they makes others laugh. They also have to be centre of attention, they'll be loud & will try to make everyone laugh just to make themselves feel good because what they're doing is actually hiding their true self from others that don't know them which is called being 'fake.'

Narcissistic people are very lonely & need to always feed off of others, whether it be their own family or one of their sons or daughters or even a parent, they'll always find a weakness within someone. What happens is they just snap & just don't have any control over themselves, they can't admit they need help & they're totally unaware of their own behaviour & how there treating & hurting others.

On a spiritual level we have a soul contract before we come here, & what that contains is what we need to learn or what the soul wants to experience, we're also given a team of spirit guides who will gently nudge us in the direction we need to go, your team of spirit guides will change from time time as they're only assigned to us for a certain amount of time, however these souls are here to experience what it's like too be a narcissist, I'm not saying that it's an excuse for their behaviour but what I am saying is they were born like it, coming into this world being unhappy & from the word 'go' they start picking on their siblings straight away or if they don't have a sibling they'll give one the parents a real hard time.

I've encountered a lot of these people within my life & that's what my learning has been about so I really thank them for coming into my life abusing the crap out of me so I can finally sit here writing this blog about these people & what makes them tick. Now I'm not a physiologist but I have come about these types my whole life, which up until 3 years ago I actually had the balls to say "no stop enough is enough" and that took me 48yrs of my life & that's a long time to learn about their behaviour & how to combat it & to gain enough confidence to say

"Enough is enough NO MORE!.

The reason why I'm writing this is because there are a lot of people who can't recognise the early signs within the relationship, not everyone will be able to stand up to these types of people as they will use manipulation & be passive aggressive towards you which can also trigger you.

It's an enormous thing to be able to build the strength to walk away from them or confront them & call them out on there behaviour & actions, when you do walk away you'll see their life crumble away around them & the reason why that is because they'll play the victim & play the blame game, also you were their foundation, there rock for everything around them & once you take that away they crumble.

To try to get your point across to these people is almost 'pointless' because they have such strong opinions you'll just end up getting frustrated & angry with yourself & at them. I do feel the triumph is where you can speak your mind, even though you're not feeling heard, but just to be able to speak your mind sometimes is enough to make them stop & that's where you walk away with your head held high.

I guess I do feel for narcissistic people because they do lead a very lonely existence at times but like I said before they just can't see there own behaviour & they seem to think that it's acceptable to treat others like this. This isn't just men but also women which can be equally as narcissistic as I've encountered many from when I was a hairdresser & also dated a few in which I used to allow them to hit me & abuse me but like I said that was my learning.

Please look out for the signs of these people & don't get to trapped in their way, because you deserve better & you also deserve to be loved & cared for in the right way without having your peace, joy, confidence & love taken away from you & remember you are unique in everyday.

If this triggers you then it's where you need to do some deep healing within yourself.

I wrote this because this is close to my heart & it's what I've been through in life.


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