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Reiki was recommended to me in 2019 the reason why, was because my hands were suddenly becoming hot every time I was around someone who needed their physical pain taken away & as I was working in a salon at the time I saw lots of people whom were in pain emotionally or physically, I was told I was going to be a healer many years before that & to be honest I actually laughed and said "I can't even heal myself let alone other people" and so what happened to me years later, I actually couldn't believe it clients & friends would ask me how did I do it & every time I would say "I have no idea how I do this."

When I finally moved out of Melbourne to Albury it was there I was told to go & see Vicki Bardy who was to become my reiki master teacher, who explained to me that I was ready to be attuned to the reiki energy.

So what is Reiki?

I have many people who seem to think that reiki is massaging someone, it's actually not, reiki is a life force energy which helps the body to self heal or to help them with there trauma that they may of had as a child, reiki is a beautiful energy to receive.

Reiki also has many benefits to help heal, also to re-balance your energy system called the Chakras, Reiki can heal your aura which is your energy field around your body, even though we can't always see it just know it's there, Reiki has been known to help with everything from headaches to cancer & heart disease, physical pain, colds, flu, insomnia. It's also used for removing attachments which is negative energy. Sometimes when we're feeling very heavy and feels like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders a reiki session can relieve this and take it away, stress is also massive in our daily life in which reiki can also help take that away. Reiki can also work with medical care where a patient can have a reiki session either before surgery or during surgery, it's said that those who have reiki performed on them during surgery heal two weeks quicker than those who don't have reiki before or during surgery.

Reiki isn't a religion it's spiritual with love, compassion & working with white light directly from source/god/universe it comes through me & into the client.

There are many reiki lineages and I chose the Usui Holy Fire III mainly because that's what I was recommended, I hadn't even heard of reiki before I was introduced to Vicki Bardy.

Reiki isn't just used on people it can be used on your pets, your garden, trees, & my home, I even Reiki my crystals to cleanse them.

You don't have to be spiritual to do a reiki course, you don't need any prior knowledge, reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to heal people, it's gentle but yet powerful and I think some people underestimate what reiki is and can be used for.

Our loved ones can also visit us during a reiki session, I know my mum comes through and watches me when I have clients, it's amazing how much lighter we can feel after a reiki session. Within our reiki sessions we can do a spirit release if we see any attachments on our clients, the spirit release is where we release that spirit and send it up to the third heaven for it to heal in gods love.

Did you know we can send the reiki energy to our clients, so for those clients who can't travel to us we can then do a remote session for them which is just as powerful as in person, there is no time between space & energy hence why we can send the reiki energy directly.

How can Reiki benefit you

There are so many ways that reiki can help you, people do often wonder if reiki actually works & if it's just a gimmick, so here are a few of the benefits that Reiki can help you with.

Reiki promotes self healing, stress reduction & symptom relief to improve overall health & wellbeing.

It can:

Bring on Meditative state.

Foster tissue & bone healing after injury or surgery.

Stimulate your body's immune system.

Promote natural self-healing.

Relieve pain & tension.

Support the well-being of people receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery & kidney dialysis.

Helps with insomnia.

Relieves anxiety & panic attacks.

Lowers Blood Pressure

These are just a few examples that reiki can help you with, reiki treatments can also create feelings of peace within you, relaxation for those of you who find it hard to relax, security for those who are insecure about being alone or living alone you may find in the evening that you become worried & it helps with overall wellness within your body.

It's easy to come for a reiki session & feel amazing afterwards however if your not willing to maintain your own energy after a reiki session then a few days later you could go back to how you were feeling, because the whole point of a reiki session is to release & allow relaxation to take place, also to allow any trauma to surface so it can be dealt with as hard as that is for some people it needs to be addressed.

Can Reiki replace traditional treatments ?

NO reiki can't & shouldn't be used as a substitute either, reiki compliments other types of medical therapeutic treatments, I know when I do a session reiki I can take pain away from people's backs, shoulders, headaches & so on, however your shoulder isn't fixed forever, or your back will never hurt again, reiki increases your healing from a broken bone or surgery, and will help you recover quicker than someone who hasn't had reiki.

If you're already in good health it doesn't mean that you can't have reiki treatments, in fact reiki treatments can help keep you in good health when you have regular treatments on a weekly of fortnightly basis. To say reiki can replace chemotherapy well it can't reiki should be used in conjunction with medical treatments.

So here is what reiki can treat:

Because reiki works on the entire self, mind, body, spirit & your emotions, when we conduct a reiki session the reiki energy will always go to where it should go, I can't force it to go to your feet or anywhere in your body, however the energy will go where it's most needed, just like a tarot reading for example sometimes when we ask a question we don't always get the answer from the cards because there is something more important that you need to know, it's the same with reiki.


Chronic Pain


Digestive problems

Parkinson's disease

Psychological distress, including depression & anxiety

Stress related illnesses

All of these things won't fix you completely but will most definitely help you with your recovery quicker, when some people have a reiki session for the first time they don't always emotionally allow the energy to come into them & this is when we say "please don't block the energy" sometimes we don't even know we're doing it, it could be the client is nervous as it could be there first reiki session.

A reiki treatment can last up to an hour or maybe longer in my experience, on a rare occasion though the energy can stop after 30 minutes or even 20 minutes the reason being is because that client doesn't need an hour session, he/she may only need 30 minutes & that's own to stop the season early.

What to expect from a reiki session

During a session my clients are fully clothed either laying face down on there belly or laying on there back, or on their side I tend to use crystals within my reiki sessions, I ask the client to pick out what crystals they are drawn to & I then intuitively place them on or around my clients body, I also use a protective crystal grid around my client so negative energy cannot get through. During a reiki session the only parts of you that I place my hands is on your head, shoulders, knees & feet, I don't ever touch your torso, even though I've had some women say to me that I can, I still don't ever touch because the energy does the work. Everyone will experience something different with reiki, you could have your loved one's come through, or you could see colours, a feeling of levitation, or even feeling like I'm touching your feet when I'm not, you can feel heat, a tingling sensation. When I attend to do reiki on my clients sometimes I even wonder if it's working & what I find is those sessions are the most powerful sessions.

Everyone will feel something different during a reiki session, some will feel the energy being moved around, some will fall asleep during the session, some will relax some won't & that's ok just know that the reiki will still work & when you leave the session the reiki will still be working with you hence why I say no drinking alcohol just plenty of water & sleep if you need to, be gentle with yourself.

There can also be after effects with reiki, some will feel nausea, some may sleep for up to 15 hours as I had a client who not only was sick she actually slept for 15 hours after the reiki session, you can also feel fatigued or weakness, these after effects are very rare though.

What is Remote Reiki ?

Remote reiki is where we send the energy to that person, it doesn't matter where the person is in the world, they will still receive it immediately. How do we do that ?

Well there is no time between energy & space, everything around us is energy, we as humans are only energy, if you think about it, when we look beneath our skin is our blood, if we look under a microscope we can see our cells within our blood now in our cells we have our DNA & inside of our DNA we have our nucleons, electrons & protons now if we can look inside of those we have atoms and inside of those we have space which is energy, so when we pass away & transition over to the other side our soul leaves our body & goes to the spirit world which is in another dimension, which I will write another blog on at some point soon.

Going back to energy we use a variation of sacred symbols within our reiki & one of those symbols is the distant reiki symbol to send the energy, when I do my live healings I use the distant symbol to send the healing, when I do my lives on Facebook not everyone will receive the energy, only those who need the healing will receive it & be shown what's going on as in some people will see colours which will be your chakras that need healing or balancing, some will feel tingling sensation which means that there may of been a blockage within where you feel the sensation or could be the reiki energy entering your body, feeling heat is where your blockages are being removed, blockages is where energy is stuck somewhere in our body so when that's released you feel lighter & you are able to move on within life.

Energy is all around us the tables we sit at are made of trees & trees come from the earth, they give us oxygen so trees are a living things, our tables & chairs are energy, crystals come from the earth & they are energy, they're made up from different minerals from the earth too which we can use within our reiki sessions or we can carry them around with us or we wear them in a form of a bracelet or necklace. Energy binds us & surrounds us at all times, we feel when the energy is heavy around us especially when there's a new moon or a full moon or a super moon where the moon is very close to the earth and we can feel that energy.

We all vibrate on a different frequency which is very cool, we can feel someone's energy too especially when we're walking down the street & you see someone & you can feel that their energy isn't great so we tend to cross over the road & walk on the other side or when we see someone in a shopping mall and we can see someone and we can see there's something we don't like, now that's our gut telling us that their energy which is their vibration isn't jelling with yours, once we start to tune into energy we can feel others around us. That's where reiki can help us to be protected from other's energy, so when we use reiki on ourselves we can also use reiki for protection.

When I do reiki remotely I don't keep the person on the phone or a video call I generally start the session a few minutes after the call has ended, Every reiki practitioner will do a remote reiki session differently, some will imagine the person is on there reiki bed, others will sit down on the sofa and send it to them, some will actually use a teddy bear like we did in our Level Two training.

Love & Light


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