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Spirit Guides & Angels

Updated: Jun 3, 2023


What are spirit guides

We all have spirit guides, some people have more than others & we all have more than one, before incarnating down here on earth we have a soul conference to spee how our life is going to be, the soul is planning it's life before incarnating, we are given a team of guides, some are financial guides, some are healing guides, others are guides are of a higher realm that gives us messages whilst here on this planet, earth is probably one of the most dense places we can come to & that's why some of us find it hard to communicate to our spirit guides, or even feel our guides around us. Our spirit guides gently nudge us in the right direction & guiding us so we can fulfil our life journey, they don't protect us as such, for example they can't protect us from getting beaten up or mugged as that's what we have signed up for unfortunately, our angels protect us from things like having a car accident or getting run down by a car. Spirit guides don't really intervene too much they just guide us in the direction of where we are supposed to be going. Some people will ask me "where are my spirit guides" or "I thought they were supposed to help me" Spirit Guides are here to guide us, give us messages. When it's our time to pass or transition over our spirit guides will be there to help us, we never really pass alone, have you noticed when you're with your loved one nine time out of ten they will wait for you to leave the room before they transition over, our guides & loved ones will be there to guide them.

We all have the ability to open ourselves up to connect with either our loved ones or our spirit guides, it's just a case of believing in yourself, quieting down the mind & using some divination tools, meditating, journaling & getting out in nature connect with the earth & trees & before you know it you are open & you'll be receiving messages, my blog on (Differentiating Psychic Messages & Your Thoughts) can help you also my blog on (Third Eye Chakra) can help you open your intuition.

Who are our spirit guides

Some spirit guides can be members of your family or a friend, they can be a total stranger, you may of bumped into them in the street at some stage & then they've passed away & they are assigned to you. Spirit guides are assigned to you before you incarnated & throughout your life you will have different spirit guides, some guides are here to teach us or help with a life lesson & once that lesson or what we've learnt has been done then they've done there job & we have new guides to come into our lives to help us move forward, some guides have been with us for lifetime after lifetime & some are here for a short stay, for example they may be here for 5yrs or as short as 3 months or another example, I have just had a change over of guides whom one of them was with me for 3 yrs and she was my old school friend whom passed 2017 she became one of my guides who was very funny & she was giving me the messages for my readings & now I have a new guide in which he is a family member, he gives me my mediumship messages, for others, probably why I've just had a massive ascension which has totally wiped me out. Sometimes our guides will come to us in our dreams when we are at our most relaxed, when we're busy with our jobs during the daytime it's hard to connect with them as your mind is too active & you're not spiritually aware of them being there with you, so the easiest way is when you're asleep, ever noticed a dream that you had & you woke up, it felt real as if you were there & you had met someone but you have no idea who it was ? well if it felt real & you feel like you have met someone then you probably have met your spirit guide.

There are many types of spirit guides which I will go through some of them.


Archangels are very powerful so if your an empath or are extremely sensitive then it's likely that you will have an archangel as one of your guides, you can call upon him/her at anytime & they will be there to assist you, if your very sensitive to energy you may even feel a shift in the room, as each Archangel has a different speciality such as Archangel Raphael whom will help with healing work with humans.

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels may have been assigned to you & will be with you throughout your entire life, Guardian Angels have devoted themselves to helping you, these can be life coaches to help you understand all the mystical of life.

Spirit Animals

A pet you may of once owned who has passed on may become your spirit animal & protector, your spirit animal could show up when you're meditating or when you're sitting at home & you feel something brush your leg whilst sitting there watching a movie when your mind is still & quiet, that was your spirit animal letting you know they are here with you. Spirit animals can you a sign wherever you go for example someone may have an animal on their mug at work or someone may have given you a calendar with animals so always look out for them.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters can be of like Buddha or Mother Mary whom were once human & lived there life journey on a deep spiritual growth & influence, When they passed they have been given a special place as leaders in the spirit world & as guides/teachers to humans.

A lot of Ascended Masters all work in harmony no matter what culture or religion they were part of during there time here on earth.

Departed Loved Ones

Loved ones or family members who have passed may choose to become one of your spirit guides, like I mentioned earlier that they can become a guide to help you. they can nudge you in a direction of a career or in the direction of a nurturing relationship.

Sometimes we may of not even had met our family member such as your grandmother & she has decided to watch over you & guide you along your life path. Other guides may help inspire you along the way.

Helper Angels

These Angels work freelance who will help humans with specific tasks or situations who will help us no matter how long it takes.

How do Spirit Guides connect with us ?

Spirit guides will communicate with you through a number of ways, synchronicity is one way when you keep seeing numbers such as 111, 444, 117, 888, 123, these are just some of the ways spirit will send you a message, of course you won't know what these numbers mean however it's good to write them down & look them up, here is an example, for instance you may of had an argument with your partner before going to bed and in the morning there's a book about communication on relationships on your co-workers desk, those kind of things are to look for.

Spirit guides could also use music as a way of letting you know they are there with you, you may get a rush of energy around you whilst listening to a favourite song they used to love. You may see a number plate with their birthdate on, they can also put certain people in your pathway to help you.

Listen to your dreams, when we are relaxed & sleeping they can come to you within your dreams & give you messages, this is why it's so important bro journal your dreams down on paper, smells is another way to know your spirit guide around you, they may have a particular perfume that they show you & every now & again you may be able to smell a perfume/cologne, alway look out for these signs.

So now I've spoken about Spirit Guides & Angels & what they are here for here are 5 tips on how to connect with them.

#1 Open your Heart

I've spoken about how your heart is a portal for intuition on other blogs (Differentiating Psychic Messages & Your Thoughts) if you want to open your intuition more then you have to understand your intuition language, then you'll feel more connected. It's the soft quiet voice you'll hear when your guides speak to you, the loud voice telling you the negative things is your ego, learn the difference.

#2 Quiet your mind

Meditation is a way to help you quiet down your mind, also set up a room at home & make the room feel more ambience to it, spend 10 minutes a day practicing stillness & mindfulness, also learn deep breathing each day as that is also good for stress relief.

#3 Be more present in everyday life

Be aware of the messages that they could be sending you, look out for number sequences, music playing & so on, once your mind is quiet from all the chit chatter then you'll start to recognise these signs, look up what the numbers mean.

#4 Journalling

Each morning journal out your dreams and you'll see there's always a message in there, also journal out what you saw at the end of each day, how you felt, get your feelings & what's inside your head out on paper, that helps to clear out the chatter which is your ego.

#5 Use Divination Tools

Using Tarot cards, (My Tarot Course) oracle cards or runes stones can help you open up and connect with your guides & loved ones, everyone has the ability to connect with spirit guides. There are many divination tools that can be used, crystals can also help you open up.

Do these practices on a daily basis & eventually you'll start to open up your intuition, YouTube have some great guided meditations, use these to start off meditating. I hope these tips help you and enjoy


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