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Spiritual Symptoms

Updated: Mar 5, 2023


People seem to think that once you've awoken on a spiritual level you don't go through anymore awakenings, well that's not entirely true, as I know & have experienced a number of ascensions which is another word for awakening, the more we grow spiritually & the more healing we do on ourselves the more we change as people, our personality can change due to our higher self coming into union with our human self, I also wanted to share with you some of the symptoms of what we can go through with a spiritual awakening.

In November I wrote a blog ( What not to do during a spiritual awakening ) so I wanted to write about the symptoms that we can experience, these are based on my own experience that I went through a month ago & still experiencing just not on such a painful level.

Physical Pain > Your body can start to change on a physical level & I don't mean due to ageing, what I mean is your energy starts to change within you & that can cause your body to become uncomfortable, your chakras which is your energy system start to open & they can cause you pain, such as sensitive skin, you may have & what you may of experienced when you were a teenager which were growing pains, your ears may start to ring which is very uncomfortable as your hearing can become muffled, you may have water retention as water is a source of energy & water retention could be where you're storing excess energy, sleeping patterns may not be in sync with what you are used to, so for example you may wake up all hours of the night or wake up in the morning feeling exhausted even though you may of seemed to of had a great nights sleep, the reason being is you may experience astral travelling, you may have muscle pains, you'll start to see synchronicities such as numbers or you may have a white feather turn up out of nowhere.

However if you feel like you need assistance with any of these symptoms then please go see a doctor because what I'm saying is even though you may have these symptoms doesn't always mean you're having an awakening. You'll know when you're having a spiritual awakening because the doctor will not be able to find anything wrong with you on a medical basis.

Personality Changes > Your beliefs can start to change, what you used to watch on television all of a sudden doesn't resonate with you, it's the same with music that may not resonate with you either. You may see certain people in your circle just walk away from you because your energy is changing your vibration will become higher & so because we all vibrate on different frequencies your frequency will change and people will see that & so therefore they may walk away & that's okay for them to do so allow them to walk away as they don't relate to you anymore. Your eating habits may change for the better & you may lose weight or you may gain weight like I have & sometimes i'm always hungry so eating patterns can be all over the place. What you once thought was your dreams & desires, such as a career or having your own business may not resonate with you anymore instead you want a job that's satisfying & brings you happiness, everything becomes joyous you may have more compassion for other people, you also start to question everything such as "why am I here?" or "what's my life mission?" you may start to feel lost within life and feel like the path you were once on no longer exists & may question "what's this new path all about?"

Confusion is another unknown feeling to you, life may become confusing as the plan that you had in place no longer exists you now have a new path which can be confronting. You may decide to move to a new suburb or even a new country like I did. When we have these symptoms they can be very confronting & confusing.

Feeling Connected to Spirit > We may start to see synchronicities which is either our loved ones in spirit or our spirit guides trying to give us messages such as numbers so that means we may be feeling more connected to spirit which is a beautiful feeling, we may hear songs on the radio that our loved ones used to love hearing, it's a way of them telling us they're around us. If you are seeing numbers everywhere then I would recommend a book called Messages In The Numbers The Universe Is Talking To You by Alana Fairchild.

Feeling Disconnected > What I mean by this & this is how I'm going to describe it.

The old you was plugged into the 3D matrix of getting up everyday going to work coming home having dinner, watching tv and going to bed, now what's happened is your soul has now been unplugged from that 3D reality even though we're still living in the 3D, basically we've been disconnected from our old life because our energy has changed & we've been plugged into our new reality with our new energy, so what can happen is we may start to feel anxious, our career may not resonate with us anymore our relationships may of changed because our energy has changed and we've been unplugged from our old self and plugged into our new energy. We may feel very disconnected from ourselves & our partners unless they understand what's going on, in which we now have to find ourselves again.

Priorities > What was a priority can change significantly such as a career or having a nice car, having lots of money, so material things can change, having lots of money or a new car may not be a priority anymore. That's because our higher self comes more into union with our human body, as we go through our spiritual awakening our higher self comes into us more, hence why we have personality changes because our higher self has a different personality such as a more pure personality, when I say a pure personality I mean in a way of it hasn't been touched with the ego or the 3D reality that we live in, our personality has been adapted to who we think we are whilst down here on this planet. This is why our personality can change. We may even question ourselves before we buy something.

Increased Sensitivity > The more your energy opens up the more sensitive you become, you may shed a tear about something that wouldn't normally affect you, Issues may start to arise for you to heal, you may find family members may question you saying you've changed.

What comes with your energy opening up is a higher risk of anxiety, you may feel like you can't be around too many people at once or noise becomes too much for you.

Increased Anxiety > You may find your anxiety levels have tripled and you're having lots of tantrums and you find you get angry for no reason, your reaction levels may become heightened.

Heart opens > The more your heart chakra opens up & for those who do not know what chakras are, they are your energy system we have the main 7 chakras within our bodies, all in all we have around 60,000 chakras within & around our bodies along with our aura which is our energy field, as I was saying the more our heart chakra opens up the more elevated our emotions will be & the more connected we are to the universe & what we'll feel is more compassion, love, joy, happiness, you'll also have more empathy, you'll eventually become an empath where you'll start to feel energy of others & that's why you won't be able to be around too many people because your anxiety will kick in & you simply will not be able to do those things for a while. You'll become more sensitive with your heart open & you may even protect your heart from getting hurt, not that it matters getting hurt because you'll be able to heal from that. The most common signs are heart palpitations & your heart rate may rise when your heart chakra opens up, this can be an uncomfortable feeling because you're not used to it, however what does come with it is your intuition starts to get stronger & the reason why is because your intuition comes from the heart because your heart is the most powerful portal in the human body, your heart picks up on vibrations, it stores trauma, it feels emotions not just from you but also from everyone else & this is where we store emotions that we don't let go of.

Sense of Purpose > Your sense of purpose is about your soul mission, we all have a mission that we have assigned to ourselves before we incarnated down here, you may question yourself such as "where am I heading?" or you may feel your souls mission is to help others just as I do. When you start on your spiritual journey always remember that it's not the destination that matters it's the experience & the journey that's important.


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