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The six stages of reincarnation


There are six stages of reincarnation.

Are past lives real ? If so why don't we remember our past life ?

Well when we come to this planet called Earth we are covered with a veil so we cannot remember our past lives, they as in the spirit world or the higher realm will allow us to only see what we can actually handle during our time here on earth. So sensitive people will not be able to see much at all, where people who are not so sensitive will be able to see a lot more, but it does also depend on what we have been through in our past lives as to whether it was horrific or whether is was good, so yes past lives are a real thing & we reincarnate many times, just like animals do.

There are two parts which is your higher self & than there's your lower self. The Lower Self is veiled with forgetfulness on this planet, the reason being is so we can be on the path of evolution so it can give your soul the diversity of experience that it needs. It frees up our lower self so we are able to try different things & have different experiences, the lower self has been veiled with forgetfulness, and everyone will have a different thickness depending on our souls mission within this life on earth. The soul blocks the access to our past lives until it's time for the soul to remove the veil.

Your higher self is where we can tune into the higher realms & this is where we get intuitive messages from, we can actually meet our higher self when we meditate.

Avatar Programming

Your Soul will work overtime whilst you're here on earth, so what happens is that the soul will keep checking in & out of the body whilst inside the womb, working extremely hard in this phase, the soul is starting to programme that tiny body but also checking in to see if the body still wants to be here on earth, the soul is making on the spot decisions. The soul isn't fully immersed into the baby at this stage. We all have a soul contract and just because we have a soul contract doesn't mean it has to be executed in a lifetime, because we pre planned before we got here, doesn't mean that it will work out the way is was pre planned. The soul realises that here in the 3D density the shit will hit the fan and it's no big deal, plans change its reality. The reason why miscarriages happen is because whilst the soul is popping in & out of the tiny body in the womb it can decide at any moment that it doesn't want to be here and if there's too much trauma then the soul will decide that it can go back to the spirit world, so what happens is the soul stops the programming & then the miscarriage stage begins to happen.

The Utero Stage

When you're in the utero you don't have a sense of self and there's no ego, the conscious mind can become the blocking force for later on in life, all this information is coming from the soul.

Birth & Life

This is where the fun begins, new body new life, the soul has never looked like this before and the personality will change slightly too depending on what star sign you are born under, every time we reincarnate into a different body it accelerates the souls evolution, when we are born into this life we still have information being downloaded from the soul to the lower self. From the time we are born up till about 6yrs old we are using our Theta brainwave, also known as the hypnosis brainwave, the soul takes as much programming as it can take until the ego personality comes and starts to make the decisions on your own, the ego takes advantage during the Theta stage. The Alpha brainwave is from 6-7yrs old this wave brings on the critical thinking. This is where the lower self starts to communicate to the soul & evolves.

Death Process

This stage can take weeks or months depending on their condition. The soul starts to disengage from the body & whilst this process is in this stage, the soul is collecting all the information which is sorted and programmed through the chakras. When this death process really starts to happen the soul will disengage into the auric field and the soul then begins to take out of the physical body all the chakras where all the information is held, then the physical body dies. Once the soul has disengaged from the physical body the soul can take days or weeks to cross over, (hence why I always say have a reading a month or two after your loved one has passed so I can connect with them) the soul has all it's experiences, adventures where it's all stored in our cells as information. The death process happens when the soul wants to leave not when you say or the doctors say but when the soul is ready to leave and as humans we don't have that choice, and then what's left is the shell of body. Your soul is never really alone during this process of death as we're accompanied by our angels, soul guides & loved ones whom have already passed away.

Life Review

Once the soul has reached the light and is now back in the realm with other spirits, the soul will have a meeting with the guides about your life and what you've learned and about the life you have just lived, your guides will assess your life missions to see if you have completed them, also assessing healing from the past, release of old wounds & baggage and whether you healed from the pain from other lifetimes, did I exit this life with guilt, shame, high vibes or was all my issues resolved, such as sorrow, hatred, and all the other pain that comes from within. The soul now goes back to start planning another new life and takes all the information and uses that for the next life, the soul is always looking for opportunities to evolve and to learn more and to resolve any unfinished business that was left undone.

Hang out Stage

This is where the soul hangs out between lifetimes and this could be a few years or a few hundred years, your soul will decide that. The light workers tend not to spend too much time in the spirit world as they have a lot of work to do and because of there life missions, so they tend to come back very quickly where non light workers will stay up there a lot longer as there life missions aren't as important as the light workers. The light workers plan is to help others so this is why they don't stay up there for long periods of time.


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