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Third Eye Chakra

Updated: Mar 9, 2023


I was a bit hesitant on whether to write this short peace on the Third Eye Chakra as I really can't express enough how dangerous this can be especially when we can't close off our Third Eye, the way to do this is by getting grounded, putting your feet in the earth, or taking a shower.

This does take a lot of practice so if you do decide to practice opening your third eye you have to make sure your root chakra is balanced & you are totally grounded, your third eye will only open if you're suppose to have it open, otherwise it simply will not open as I have explained within this blog. Now your third eye is responsible for clairvoyance which is clear sight. When we open our third eye it is connected to our crown chakra & because it's connected to our crown chakra doesn't mean you have to try to open that one up to, because that can be extremely dangerous if you have no idea what you are doing. I've seen some psychic's go overboard with the third eye & trust me it's not pretty, iv'e also seen some people hospitalised because what they have no idea what they're seeing is reality or what isn't which I have also explained.

When the ego comes in then that's where the struggle really begins as the ego loves to mimic your intuition which I have just written about in my last blog called "Differentiating psychic messages & your thoughts" please go and have a look at that one.

I do have another blog already written about how to activate the third eye which I may put up depending if I get any messages about this one.

so what is the Third Eye ?

Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye chakra is extremely powerful, if it becomes imbalanced or you focus on it too much then you can receive headaches or pressure between your brows which feels like someone is pressing down on your forehead. You can also suffer fatigue & just need to sleep, you may also need space away from everyone.

So what is your third eye?

Well your third eye is your 6th chakra which is also know as "Anja" and is located between your brows in the middle of our forehead. This is our inner vision and its colour is purple/indigo, our chakras are our main energy centre & we have 13 of them within & around our body, in total we have over 60,000 chakras. Your third eye is responsible for your inner vision as well as your outer vision, it’s also for you to connect to your higher self or higher perspective and connects to your super consciousness. Your third eye is also a way to see the truth within others and within yourself, you know when people are lying and not telling the truth, your third eye gives you clarity of vision – meaning you can see clearly.

Is the third eye overrated?

This can be focused on too much within spiritual groups and circles, we can attend to focus too much on the third eye but then we also attend to forget about the other 6 chakras that we have, because all we want is the good stuff, but unfortunately we need to be grounded before this chakra can be opened. So our third eye is responsible for our gifts and talents but in order for it to work properly we need to be grounded and centred otherwise it doesn’t open enough or can become over active meaning we have trouble then closing it down.

Can it be hyped up too much?

Yes it can be, especially when people get into their ego and then they struggle as to what is reality and what isn’t. your third eye is connected to our pineal gland which located within deep inside your brain the pineal gland also produces melatonin and is crucial within your sleep and waking patterns, so your pineal gland acts as an antenna, which what we then have is downloads, downloads are when we can be doing something and then it’s like this idea pops into our heads, it’s almost like someone is standing next you and tells you the idea in your ear.

Your third eye is also responsible for your psychic abilities such as, telepathy, astral travelling, lucid dreams, shamanic journeying, clairvoyance, we have to know whether it’s your imagination going wild which is our ego or if it’s actually your third eye vision showing you these messages.

Third eye veils – your soul will put coverings over your third eye before you were born, your soul wants you to ground within this reality in order for your third eye to open, it’s only when you’re ready the veil is then lifted and this normally happens when you are awakening.

Can we open our third eye at will?

No is the answer to that, sometimes it’s hard to open our third eye by our own will, if the soul doesn’t want to remove some of the veil then you will not be able to open it by free will. However when it is open and it’s over active and that can then lead to mental health issues, because what you’re seeing or you begin to think you see you then question is it real? Especially when you don’t know what’s going on and not realising what’s happening to you, and this is why you have to be ready for the third eye to open, some people are actually born with it open and that’s because they’re either an ascended master who has come to this earth to have a human experience or a spiritual guru in there last life.

Is awakening painful?

Yes it can be painful if it happens quickly, ego eccentric is not healthy, thinking that you’re Jesus or some spiritual guru from another planet. We need to be grounded and work on ourselves.

Sound for chakras

Every chakra will have a sound or a mantra that we can do to help open or stabilize the third eye and the third eye is called om or aum mantra.

Tips on how to open the third eye

1/ Work on your lower chakras first, ground yourself and heal your root chakra, which is located at the base of your spine and then once that happens your third eye will open up more.

2/ Solar Plexus – this is important because this is where your personal power is, your solar plexus is located just above your navel, this where you have to be centred and balanced, the more grounded you are the easier it’ll be to open up your third eye.

3/ Heart Chakra is your portal of love and compassion, when this is balanced it keeps you in unity consciousness and keeps your third eye balanced.

4/ Quiet the mind through meditation, you can use crystals to help with this process, when your mind isn’t whizzing around a million miles an hour, the more it opens.

5/ Crystals to use whilst meditation on your third eye, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Selenite, Magnesite & Clear Quartz.

6/ Whilst meditating & as you breathe in say "I Am & as you breathe out say "Peace" this exercise will help you relax.

These are the main symptoms of your third eye opening

Physical pain and pressure, sinus problems, pressure headache, nose, eyes and around the cheek area also your ears to forehead.

Increased vision, more access to conscious awareness and downloads, sensitive to light which is temporary.


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