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Twin Flames Relationships


Back in October I posted on my facebook page about twin flame & soulmate relationships and that then gave me the idea of writing a blog about what the difference is between twin flame relationships and a soulmate relationship, and as i'm living in a twin flame relationship with my partner I thought I would write this blog.

First of all I'll be going over some common charicterstics and what twin flames are. This is my own take on it as my own experience which may look very different to you and what you have experienced, I'll also explain what a soulmate is.

What is a twinflame connection and how is it different from a soulmate connection?

The two defining features that stand out are between the twin flame connection and the soulmate connection is the intensity of the connection amd the purpose of the connection, we know the term soulmate as we've used it many times , which is a strong bond, a romantic bond between two people, but the twin flame connection is even stronger than the soulmate connection, the reason being is because the twin flame is a mirror version of yourself. The twin flame is like a fragment of your soul with the other person, this is why it's so intense and your life will not be the same again after meeting your twin flame. Now the twin flame connection can be very similar to the soulmate connection.

The purpose is a little different. Your soulmate can be the person you marry, you come home to everyday, the person who gives you the support, the person who gives there shoulder to cry on.

The purpose of the twin flame is a lot to do with your mission in life and what your here to do. Your twin flame won't be just your partner, they'll be your partner in helping you complete your work that you decided to do before you came here. Your twin flame may actually work alongside you and support each other with whatever you decided to do as a soul before you came here. So your twin flame purpose has a lot to do with your life mission as your work and that is a little different to your soulmate.

The twin flame connection is also a very unconventional relationship, if you are expecting to settle down get married, have children together then think again, you are going to have an experience, because one of the purposes of that connection is to come in and establish a new paradigm of what relationships are (so what we have is a sense of what a relationship should be as settling down and get married have children, buy a nice home.)

However the twin flame is coming in to say hey we are here to re-define what a relationship can look like, it can continue to look like the above of what i've just explained in brackets. But there's also this other form of living in a relationship where twin flame union or couple will show those around you a different way of perceiving a relationship.

Here is another charcteristic, the twin flame is your fast track to evolution and this is what I mean by this.

When you meet your twin flame, your life will never be the same again and literally your twin flame is held to your feet constantly, they will be pushing you to evolve from the time you meet there will be a burning inside of you, such as old cycles and patterns, old subconcious beliefs, karma from past lives, this is because the twin flame is a very old connection, as soon as you start to materialise then you start to burn things that need to be burned inside of you. This is a fast track to evoloution that can be a little hard at times to live with, sometimes when the twin flames meet, a lot of the time there is a pulling away because of the intensity of energy between them, the union is so big, there's a lot of intensity in the connection and the flame is already burning things inside of you. Initially you can feel fear because you begin to feel things inside of you that need to change, you'll have this drive in you that you want to be a better person, that you want to evolve, it's almost like it's automatic where you have no control over it, transformation begins in you, sometimes your mind has a little hard time catching up to that evoloution because the evoloution is ocurring very quickly outside of your ego. Sometimes the bonding of twin flames can be a little dramatic. There will be this push and pull over and over again, you'll want either one or two things, either you'll want to walk away with no explanation or you'll just want some space between the both of you. I know I walked away a few times because I just wasn't ready and needed to do me only, I needed to heal myself and heal my relationship with myself, only then I was ready.

Another characteristic is the strengthening of the bond of your twin flame could be across the world, you are connected energetically, I know Jane felt me when she was in England back in the 90's she knew I exsisted and could feel me, it's not how long you are away from that person or the distance the intensity or the strength of that bond doesn't change.

Remenber your twin flame is a fragment of your soul, so that connection can't be broken, hence why Jane and I will never ever break up because we have spent many lifetimes together, from the moment I walked into that bookstore she was working in she knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, as for me well that's another story as I wasn't ready, however saying that i soon got myself ready as I said before that flame starts to burn inside of you and you quickly evolve.

Another characteristic is the twin flame has the ability to be either constructive or destructive.

Important note : The reason the twin flames are there, and there are more and more twin flames incarnating in the same lifetime right now. It wasn't always this way, though usually before this era, one of the twin flames stayed on the other side and served as a guide to the other twin flame who was incarnating, why?

Because the bond is so intense, if both twin flames incarnated in the same lifetime the potential for destruction was really high. So in this era because the energy is different in our evoloution, our consciouness is more open to the twin flame incarnation into this lifetime, a lot of people are finding there twin flames within this lifetime, which is very beautiful. However it can be constructive or destructive depending on how you live through it and the things you allow to fall away in terms of your conscious beliefs attachments and all of that.

Another characteristic is having the idea that twin flames cannot be union in this lifetime unless there is wholeness in the elements of the union, you will not partner with your twin flame unless you're whole and your partner is whole, so what will happen is until you both enter a position of wholeness you will be repelling each other, unless the two of you are whole. So there's a lot of personal work that goes into this, you can meet your twin flame but it can take years before the union can occur.

How to live with a twin flame

The twin flame connection repels any level of attachment and the most important thing to know is this type of connection cannot have any attachment. If you are trying to live your twin flame connection in a traditional way, there is still a lot of attachment involved with current romantic relationships in our collective consciousness now.

How do you get rid of the attachment ?

The twin flame connection requires lightness, not to be labled as a soulmate or twin flame, because then it becomes an attachment of "I can't live without you" or "you are the love of my life" or even "only you can make me happy" these types of attachmnets are the ego of our mind and not of wholeness, if you put your twin flame connection on a pedestal this puts so much pressure on them, this is why the connection has to be light and easy, because what we are doing is creating an identity around the person, by putting them on a pedestal which is the beginning of an attachment, which is why we need to keep it light and not put lables on the relationship, that way there is nothing to grasp and no attachment can be formed, by letting go of the label "twin flame" or "soulmate" you still love that person deeply, by letting go of the labels you're still loving the same just without the label of attachment.

Focus on yourself as twin flame is the most intense mirrored of yourself in this 3D reality. It's so important for you to do your own inner work on yourself as you have to be ready for this type of connection, otherwise if you're not ready, then either on of you will walk away and out of your life until they are ready, as the relationship is so intense, this is why it's important to be ready. Once you've healed yourself to the point where you are ready then and only then you'll come back together, this is why I walked away because the energy was so intense I couldn't handle it, I felt suffocated, I felt that I wasn't good enough, my ego was way too big, I had to do a lot of shadow work and I had to get rid of all the labels and attachments before I went back to Jane and this why I say we need to focus on ourselves and not on our twin flame.

The most important thing you can tell your twin flame is NOT I LOVE YOU lol. Love is a given when it comes to twin flame connections, it's the foundation of the connection, the love between the twin flames runs very deep and very old, this is because we have spent multiple lifetimes together.

The most important thing you can tell your twin flame is (YOU ARE FREE)

Always always say you are free as freedom and love are connected, as you can't have one without the other, by emphasising freedom it keeps our attention on the lightness of the relationship and not putting lables on our relatioinship, I'm not syaing that we should never tell our twin flame that we love them, but freedom and love are one.

Now there are a lot of spiritual teachers out there who say that when we meet our twin flame we have to be with them, it's inevitable that they should be together. That to me is putting an attachment on the relationship even before they're together without mentioning the immense pressure that will be put on that relationship before you've even started. Just because you meet your twin flame doesn't mean you have to be with them in this lifetime, if you end up together then love them with freedom and it's beautiful, however if you don't end up being with your twin flame that is also just as beautiful and that is also ok. Love with freedom as love and freedom are one of the same.


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