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What not to do during a spiritual awakening


What is an awakening ?

The only way I can describe the awakening is when your soul wants to seek a deeper meaning to life, so if you're questioning everything such as "why am I here on this planet?" or "what's the meaning of life?" or you're questioning your very own existence this can be the beginning of an awakening, when we start to wake up to the 3D matrix of this world we start to see that what we do day in day out is repetitive, because we've been programmed from a really early age, the moment we start going to childcare, we get told when we can have lunch, doesn't always mean we're hungry just because it's lunch time, then we go onto school were we are programmed to an education & being controlled when we can have a break, lunch when we can go home, we are given homework, ouir parents want us to go university get a degree we then get a job find a man/woman get married and have kids, it's what we're programmed to do & that's life, some of us will have trauma & some of us won't but we still suffer from anxiety from the 3D world. So when we start to question everything & start to look at life differently we then see the world differently, we see people differently, we see there imperfections, we can see straight through people, when we see the world in a completely different dimension we start to follow our own path within life, which can include breaking away from the 3D world & start to experience our energy shifting, we start seeing clearly, we just know things & we have no idea how we know but we just do. We start to see our own trauma and start to deal with it, some people who have an awakening don't have any trauma, they just start seeing everything more clearly and start following their own path & they have no idea when all this started to happen for them.

As I'm going through a spiritual awakening myself i've gotten myself to a place now that my head is no longer in pain and my energy level is almost back to normal now, what i mean by that is I'm no longer feeling exhausted to a point that i can actually stay awake for a few hours rather than just an hour before i fall asleep. I'm finding that I'm having to really work with my energy & what I mean by that is taking a break from my morning spiritual routine & instead of meditating or doing self reiki healing i'm now sitting on my mat & doing some deep breathing exercises to alleviate the pain within my forehead & body, especially my skin where it's so sensitive that it's painful to have a shower, it's like having flu symtoms without having the flu, when we go through a spiritual awakening it can be very painful as i've just described it or it can be very pleasant & enlightening as we may be in that bliss stage where everything is opening up to the spirit world & we're experiencing this 3D world which is the world that we live in & the spiritual world. You may find you are having lots of downloads, downloads are where someone is standing next to you & you hear an idea & it's like someone is telling you something in your ear but no one is there. Your senses may start to open, you become Clairvoyant or you may start to hear spirits which is Clairaudience you may get smells which is Clairsalience or you may have Claircognizance which is clear knowing, so when your senses start to open up you may experience any 8 of the Clairs.

It's also important to stay as grounded as you can during the awakening process, such as go for a walk in nature, go & sit by a tree in a park or take a salt bath, or you can earth yourself where you simply walk on the grass barefoot, there's so many ways to get grounded, in fact we are so accustomed to wearing shoes we hardly ever do any of these practices.

The awakening stage can last for a month or even up 4 or 5 years, everyone will be different, so mine comes & goes, this time it's lasted for a month & it was that intense I slept almost for a whole week, that was when it was the most intense, it calmed down now but my body still vibrates, what I mean by that is I can feel my cells vibrating & it's comes & goes mostly in the evenings this starts and it's very uncomfortable.

I will say this though, a spiritual awakening can get triggered by a trauma that you've been through such as family abuse, a marriage break up, a car accident, losing a loved one, but remember this one very important thing, some people who are deeply traumatised can turn there trauma into a spiritual awakening through there thoughts, so what I mean is that they think that they're going through an awakening because there ego is telling them that they are, then they start to believe that they're becoming psychic so what these people do is research everything spiritual and then believe that they're going through this awakening because they've researched the symptoms that they are feeling, don't get confused between grief & a spiritual awakening, sometimes it can be hard to tell.

I'm now going to give you six tips on what not to do during an awakening so it makes the process a little easier for you if your going through an awakening.

#1 Don't Rush

When we rush this process all we're doing is delaying the awakening process, so allow it to take it's natural course, because we can actually cause chaos within ourselves such as physical symptoms or psychological symptoms so it's really important to allow this to take it's natural course, if your going through the Dark Knight of the Soul then just allow it to happen, allow your body to go with the natural rhythm, and most of all don't compare your awakening to someone else's because they maybe at a completely different stage to where your at & don't forget that everyone will have a different awakening symptoms, when we compare it's being judgemental within yourself, be gentle & kind to you.

#2 Don't try to stop it

When we go through an awakening this can be very uncomfortable within our bodies so you don't want to stop it because you can't stop it, it's your soul saying to you it's time to wake up, you don't have a choice, if you try to stop it you'll block the energy & it'll become stagnant within your body which will create all sorts of problems for you, please do not try to control it, just go with it. Whatever the amount of water you drink, double it so you are well hydrated because water is a form of energy and it'll help flush out any toxins that your body doesn't need. During an awakening you can expertience weight loss or weight gain & if you start wishing you were back to where you was which is asleep then that's being judgemental on yourself because what you're saying is that it's better to be asleep rather than going through the uncomfortable stages of awakening, but believe me when you get through the other side it'll all be worth it.

#3 Don't fight it

If you have this very loud voice in your head saying "I hate going through this" or "why am I going through this?" then that your ego in the fighting stage of the awakening process, it can have a very negative effect on your mind, just know those thoughts aren't real, the ego will do anything to distract you or to try to stop the process, so what you'll need to do is fight the ego & when you have these negative thoughts come into your head, flip them with positive thoughts, because the ego will do anything to get you to surrender the awakening, because the ego doesn't like change, your soul is bigger than your mind and it's your soul that has decided that this awakening is going to happen, so your mind is in that judgement stage & the only way to stop it is for you to turn those negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Don't allow your ego to control

The ego is the part of your mind that creates your identity, so when we go through the awakening stages just know that your personality may start to change because your ego has created your personality whilst you being down here on this planet, your soul will have a different personality to the ego, things may not resonate with you anymore such as alcohol or certain people will start to drop off because your healing & evolving & moving on.

The ego likes to control so don't allow the ego to control, there will be a resistance between the soul & ego, the ego will want you to go back to where you was because like I said before the ego doesn't like change, the ego needs to be softened and these mantras will help soften the ego and eventually the ego will diminish. The mantras are as follows -

Everything is ok

I am safe

Everything is fine

start to introduce these mantras & also think of some more to help soften the ego.

Don't pull up too much

The more our senses open up the more we transcend into the spiritual world & what I mean by don't pull up too much is do not stay up in the spiritual realm for too long, the more we open up the more we stretch upwards and our spiritual gifts start to connect with the universe and we start to develop our abilities such as connecting to our guides getting messages and so on. We need to re-ground our energy we can't always be up there as what can happen is we attend to lose what is real & what isn't real, we can develop severe psychological trauma within ourselves, we start to lose what reality really is. We can only really go up as far we can ground ourselves so what I mean is that if we don't have strong grounding then we will be stuck in la la land , we need to be grounded so we can bridge the 3D world with the spirit world, if we're not grounded enough then we can lose sight of what is real. Believe me when I say this because I have seen this happen with a few people.

Don't hold on to old timelines

Stop holding onto nostalgic timelines, it'll cause you problems & will mess with your energy, it's better to start to allow things to leave you rather than hold onto them, this will help you move onto better grounds within the energy that you're going to be in.

Because what your doing is setting yourself up to still living in the past & that's like saying that you would rather be living in the past rather than within this new energy as an awakened person, believe me you really don't want to go backwards as the past will not resonate with you anymore so the mantra for this is

This Too Shall Pass

Remember to do breathing exercises to help you through the awakening, if we learn to breathe properly it'll help us through the awakening a lot smoother.


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