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Why do we Meditate ?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023


I wanted to write about meditation & why we meditate, but not just why but also why people don't meditate, I always hear the same thing such as "I don't have time" or "I can't meditate" or "it doesn't work."

These are just excuses as far as I'm concerned, there's always time to meditate. There's different reasons why we meditate & different time frames as to how long we have in our day.

My Partner Jane meditates while she gets ready for work, she simply puts her ear phones in and plays a meditation on her phone, it's as simple as that. It's like cooking people always say "I don't have time" of course you do we all have time it's a case of whether you want to or not. I meditate most days as & when I feel like doing a meditation it doesn't have to be you lying down with a load of crystals on you for an hour or sitting there on the grass in a yoga position. Meditation can take as simply as five minutes of your time.

Meditating & Why

When the mind becomes too busy & you're feeling overwhelmed with life that's when meditation can be good & for those of you who have never meditated before it can take some time to learn, it's just a case of practising everyday for five minutes & learning to clear your mind which I will talk about later on.

There are all different reasons why we meditate, it's not just to clear your mind but also to balance your chakras or for emotional issues, breaking behaviour patterns & getting back into your own power, these are just some of the reasons why we meditate.

When we do sink down into meditation the sensation can feel a bit strange at first till we get used to it. One person has described it as sinking into her bed which totally freaked her out so she took the crystal of off her third eye and stopped the meditation. When I meditate I've drifted off & seen different colours like I was in another dimension it was absolutely amazing. I've used a lot of meditations for pain, emotional wellbeing, spiritually opening myself up, sleep patterns, balancing my chakras. There was one meditation that I did when I saw a massive eye staring at me then looking to the left of me & that was my third eye opening up which was amazing to see.

There are a lot of meditations on YouTube which are guided ones, I actually like the guided ones, of course you can also meditate without using the guided ones which in my opinion just takes longer to sink down & more practice is needed.

Stillness within Meditation Clearing your Mind

Ten minutes a day is what is needed to practice stillness & what comes with that is creating a space within our minds where there are no thoughts coming into our mind, this does take practise & time. When we first start it can be very frustrating to close our eyes & be still & not to think anything for five minutes. Now five minutes may not seem a long time but it is a long time when your trying to quiet your mind down. This is why you need to create a space at home whether it be your bedroom or a spare room in your house that can be made into your room where you can put some crystals, maybe light a candle & use some incense to create an ambience feel, so you can feel relaxed and just be able to sit & read a book & practise meditation.

When clearing your mind you need to close your eyes & think of nothing, at first you will have thoughts come into your mind, as they come into your mind try to brush them aside & allow them to pass, if they're staying you need to write those thoughts down & get them out of your head, focus on the sounds around you it could be a car passing by or birds singing outside, you'll know when your mind is clear because there will be nothing just silence, no thoughts coming into you just silence. When that happens you can then try to increase your time to ten minutes then fifteen then twenty till you get up to thirty minutes a day or twice a week. When you get to this stage you'll be surprised that you'll be able to quiet your mind if it's racing within minutes, also it's good for your health, especially your stress levels after a busy day at work.

Now like I said this can take time & try not to get frustrated because you can't do it at first, Rome wasn't built in a day, also remember you have to choose a time of day that suits you, for example I meditate in the mornings because for me it raises my vibration so if I meditate late afternoon or evening it raises my vibration & then I can't sleep, unlike most people it will relax them, where me it does the opposite.

Before doing any meditation work we should be putting a protection of white light or a golden light around us, this protection is easily done, all you have to do is close your eyes and visualise (yes visualise) a white or golden light around you, once you have done that then you can say something similar to, I ask Archangel Michael to wrap your wings around me & keep me safe & keep darkness out, I am the light so it is, so it is, so it is. This is your protection that you can do on a daily basis, the more you do this the more you can surround your car, family, house, street & suburb, also the more you do this protection the stronger it gets and the more you will be protected against negative vibrations & negative people.

Health Values & Inner Work

Meditating has many benefits for our health, such as releasing stress within our bodies, we have over 300 Trillion cells in our bodies, these cells & not just our cells but also our joints, our muscles, in fact every part of our body will hold stress, trauma & any other kind of abuse that we've been through within our lives. Many of my clients & not just clients who have come to see me but even on my FB lives that I do have heard me say "you have to do the inner work on yourself." Now many people have also said to me "what do you mean do the inner work ?" so here its is, the Inner Work.

The Inner work is learning to release stress through meditation, journalling down your events that you have been abused, writing down what you have experienced & why you may of had to go through that, journalling every detail of every event that that person has put you through, whether it be a family member or an ex boyfriend, an ex husband, whether it be a friend that you thought was always there for you, or just random stranger who thinks they have the right to abuse you for no reason. This is just some of the work that has to be done, I know a lot of people who I have seen haven't done a thing about there trauma, but on the other hand i know a lot of people whom I have helped have done a lot of work on themselves who have progressed & have overcome their trauma, even though I give a lot of people work to go home with such as Inner child work, or mirror work, or self confidence work, I've written out numerous amounts of work for clients to take home after they've been in for a reading or a reiki session with me.

It's important to do the Inner work so you can eventually come to terms with what has happened to you, it's not done just by journalling but also learning about your chakras where we also hold our trauma. Chakras are our energy centres through out our bodies, they can only be seen under a microscope, there are 7 main chakras that we work within our bodies, however we do have over 60,000 chakras throughout our bodies, but the main 7 are the ones we work with to help heal ourselves so we can become a better person & eventually help others, so thats another way we can learn to work on ourselves.

Taking some time out is also another way of doing inner work, such as walking in nature, hiking in nature, hug a tree ( but always ask first ) no that wasn't a joke :)

Seriously though these are also some of the ways to reconnect with yourself, maybe go to the beach and swim in the ocean & cleanse yourself wash all the cob webs off of you, another way is to run a hot bath with some bubbles, light a few candles, soft music & have that 45 minutes for yourself once a week & have a bloody good cry to release all the tension & stress out of your body. This is all self care whether it be journalling or walking or running there are so many ways to release stress from your mind & body in a healthy way, even eating healthier can really help you feel good, food is our fuel that we put into our body, food can either make you feel sluggish or good.

What I'm writing about is called Inner Work, meditation work will also help with working on your Inner Child especially if you've been abused as a child, it can help release that pain & bring it up for you to heal, the memory will always be there but you'll know when you've healed because you'll be able to talk about it without it affecting you. In our lifetime we get this opportunity to heal ourselves & it's free will whether we want to do that or not, but if we don't then we have to come back & do it all over again in the next lifetime. In every lifetime that I've had I've always been a healer helping others as much as I can or given permission to do so.

This is why meditation is very important as a daily practice or routine.

Meditation & Crystals

Within meditation there are so many ways to do this, you can use music, sound bowls, reiki & of course crystals.

Crystals come from the earth so that makes them natural, (I've written a blog on crystals) using the right crystals can help you immensely once you're connected to them, the way to connect with crystals is to hold them, meditate with them & you can also program them to do what you need them for, whether it's physical pain, emotional pain, or opening your third eye & lots of other reasons, you can also lay down & put crystals intuitively on your body whilst meditating, by putting them on your body this can help balance your chakras and draw out unwanted energy & settles down your natural vibration, by putting a crystal grid around you this can protect you from any unwanted energy, crystals can also relieve pain within your body, this can help unblock your chakras & congestion, some specific crystals can also detect where you need to be unblocked so that you can move forward in life.

Using Sound Bowls during meditation can re-align your chakras & reset your mind & vibration, every chakra has its own sound vibration which can be attuned to your body. Sound Bowls can also cleanse the energy from your home and your aura & meridians which are the energy highway system around your body, apart from looking good especially the crystal bowls they're good for helping you sleep & releasing past life energy.

Then there's using reiki if you're a reiki practitioner which can help clear your mind & move energy around your body.


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