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Working with Crystals

Updated: Oct 21, 2022


This is a small piece that I have written about crystals and how to cleanse & programme crystals as many of us have bought crystals either from me or from other crystal outlets, we all by crystals but not many of us know how to maintain crystals or cleanse them, it's just like buying a car, everyone buys a car but no one knows how to fix them, it's the same with crystals. I hope you enjoy this & can learn something from this, if you need anymore information you can always message me for more information.

What are Crystals ?

Crystals are minerals that have been shaped over millions of years, if you look at Black Obsidian it's actually not a crystal, it's volcanic glass been shaped over millions of years, were the lava has cooled down and the lava has formed this beautiful shiny Black Obsidian. Some crystals have been formed deep below the earth's surface and some such as Granite and Quartz can actually be found in your back yard or on estates in the country, Black Tourmaline has been known to be found by rivers. Each Crystal will have different elements and minerals to them, it's what gives them there colour & shape. Some crystals when they've been mined you can see where they have cut them.

Crystals are great to work with, there's thousands out there to choose from as they all do different things to help us heal or we can use them to protect ourselves from negativity which I will go into that a bit later on this blog.

How to tell a fake crystal

Have you ever held a crystal and it's so light you actually wonder if the crystal is real ?

Some crystals are very light, however when you hold a real crystal it is cold but so are some man made crystals as they're made of glass, some of the agate crystals are man made and some are dyed too, also some of the coloured geo quartz are also dyed that's why they're pink, blue, turquoise, green and so on.

Natural crystals contain metals like iron or coppers & have other inclusions from their formation in the earth, so some fakes will scratch easily where a crystal doesn't scratch so easily, take citrine crystals, now raw citrine can be difficult to get hold of and they're very rich in colour where as heat treated citrine won't be as rich in colour it'll be more like a yellow to pale yellow with some light orange, now because it's heated doesn't mean you can't use it as a crystal & doesn't mean that it's fake, you still meditate & use it as a healing tool, heated citrine is amethyst heated that's all it is, where raw citrine is absolutely beautiful in colour & has a deep orange & you'll feel it's energy.

Real crystals don't retain there heat for very long & should like I said earlier be cold to touch, also look at the crevices and fractures of a real raw crystal now fakes you'll see darker colours in there. Now I bought a Black Tourmaline necklace from a crystal shop didn't know it was plastic till I got home & started to place a protection around it, it felt like plastic & it wasn't real every time I wore it just didn't feel right so I threw it away.

So if you hold the crystal up to some writing the crystal will also distort the letters but glass will magnify them.

Look at the price of the crystals if it's really cheap then it's probably fake, hold it if the weight isn't as heavy as it should be then again it could be fake.

That's how to tell if a crystal is fake.

Why do we use crystals ?

There's all different reasons as to why we use crystals, like I said before we use them to protect ourselves against negative energies, or if we're going into a shopping mall, I know within these shopping malls they never get cleansed so the amount of energy these places hold is absolutely amazing, however I know that I can't go into certain malls because of the energy, it's too intense and if you feel energy like I do then it would probably be good to place a protection around you & carry crystals with you for protection, then when we get home I attend to jump into the shower to cleanse myself and get rid of all the energy that I've been immersed in.

Crystals are also used for healing, some have been known to take bruising down when strapped to the body, we use crystals for anxiety, panic attacks, joint pain, headaches, insomnia, blood pressure, circulation, nervous system healing our soul and the list goes on. Crystals can also be used protect your home from negative energy, a few months back I had a client who bought some crystals because her home wasn't selling within two weeks of having crystals around her home it sold, crystals can dispose of the negative energy within our homes & that's why it's so important to cleanse our crystals every week or once a month.

Cleansing our Crystals

When I did my Crystal Awakening Course with Leisa Kelly she didn't just teach us how to cleanse our crystals Leisa also taught us what crystals are to be used on what chakras, and how to use them properly, even how to program them which I will talk about later on. The course was very in-depth not just about the crystals but also Inner Child work, Past Life Healings, Emotional Soul Retrieval Healings, Energy Cord Cutting, Ancestral Healing.

When we're doing all these healings on clients it's important to cleanse your crystals after every client, if you're not using crystals on clients then you can cleanse them whenever you feel it needed.

How do we cleanse our crystals & why ?

The reason why we cleanse our crystals is to take away any energy they have picked up especially the ones we use in our home, they may feel heavier than usual, they may look dull & so therefore we may need to cleanse them a bit more than once a month, maybe once a week. There are numerous ways that we can cleanse our crystals which I'm going to teach you so you can then choose which way you feel best is to cleanse your crystals, take selenite for instance which will cleanse your other crystals, all you need is a selenite charge plate which will not only cleanse but also re-charge your crystals.

How to cleanse our Crystals


This is a very quick way to cleanse your crystals by running them under the cold water tap, however you can't run crystals like selenite under the water as it'll eventually make it brittle and it'll break bits of at a time till there's nothing left. This works for most tumble stone crystals, I wouldn't be putting any raw crystal under the water as our water has fluoride and other chemicals in depending where you are in the world, such as the Uk water can be very chalky. If you're going to use water you can also use fresh water from a natural spring or sea water is also good to cleanse your crystals, again please don't take your selenite crystal and put it in any kind of water.

Mother Earth

You can bury your crystals in the earth for 24 hours or longer if you prefer, it's an easy way to cleanse them as the crystals are giving all the energy back to Mother Earth can bury your crystals in the earth for 24 hours or longer if you prefer, it's an easy way to cleanse them as the crystals are giving all the energy back to Mother Earth, this type of cleansing is great for unpolished crystals as the crystals are raw, if you have any herb plant pots you can bury them till they're covered in the plant pot, then after 24 hours or longer if you prefer just wipe off the dirt and put them back to where they need to be.


Using sound is a very easy and quick way to cleanse them, you can hold the crystal in your hand and with an intention you can say something like "I now cleanse this crystal with the highest intention to be used for the good and only good of my clients and I know release any negative energy back to the universe, this crystal is only to be used for the highest of good with my higher self"

Or you can use a Tibetan sound bowl and hover the crystals for a few minutes with the intention to cleanse and that'll also cleanse the room at the same time, repeat this a few times over, the sound is an efficient cleanser especially if you've been working with deep healing.


This type of cleansing is great for all crystals, I use this one a lot as it's an easy in between clients solution, so you can use sage, frankincense, lemongrass, juniper, reiki, lavender incense smoke, any of the above incense will cleanse your crystals, hold the crystals in the smoke for 30 seconds per crystal with the intention of cleansing for the higher of good only.

You can also use Sage smudge stick which does work better than incense, you can also use Palo Santo wood which comes from South America Peru, that has a sweet smell to it that will also cleanse your crystals, just need to use the same method as the incense.

Sunlight & Moonlight

The sun will charge your crystals & power them up, however the sun can discolour your crystals so please be aware to not put them in the sun everyday, if your wanting to cleanse your crystals everyday for instance, Black Obsidian because it absorbs energy everyday in the workplace. Then you can use one of the other methods such as incense or salt water or running water. No more than a few hours in the direct sunlight is needed.

Crystals love a moonlight bath, you can place your crystals outside on a table in the backyard where thy are safe & allow the moonlight to cleanse your crystals, when I do this I normally use Palo Santo for every crystal and use a ritual, that's just me, you don't have to do a ritual, that's just what I do.

I feel that the moon is the best way to cleanse our crystals as the moon affects the tides & water, the moon also affects our crystals by the different phases of the moon. The moon is the feminine and the Sun is the masculine, so when you place your crystals under the moonlight this will gently cleanse them for you, you can also place your crystals on the earth to be cleansed.


You can also cleanse them by visualising either a white light coming down from the heavens to invoke your crystals & place a band of white light around your crystals.

You can also do the same as above but using a golden light from the Sun to invoke your crystals.


I use reiki to cleanse my crystals (as I'm a reiki master) I can do this, even if your Level One or Level Two reiki practitioner you can also do this, as long as you have a strong intention to cleanse your crystals which is very important.

When I use reiki I normally visualise a white or golden light surrounding your crystals & your room I also use the protection symbol. Reiki can be used to cleanse your home, crystals, your aura & your energy. Reiki is very powerful.

I use crystals within my reiki sessions, I intuitively choose crystals to go on the chakras then my client chooses as many crystals they feel they need then I put the crystals intuitively on & around my client, the crystals help to clear blockages, balance chakras & helps to clear your aura.

Crystal healing is a very powerful healing modality, hence why I use crystals within my reiki sessions.

Programming & Connecting To Your Crystals

You know when you're drawn to a particular crystal, it kinda talks to you, if you hover your left hand over the crystals, you'll feel a tingling or a vibration feeling with the crystal that's drawn to you.

Your intuition will tell you where to put your crystals, whether it's in your car, workplace or at home. Crystals hold energy & each crystal will have a different purpose and will hold a different energy for you to use. Connecting to your crystals will be with your vibration & energy by holding them close to your heart, close your eyes and envision your energy surrounding your crystals, your vibration will match your energy of the crystals, you can use your crystals to meditate with & carry them around with you to connect, I do this sometimes with my Tarot Cards when I haven't used them for a few months, It's the same with crystals.

Programming your crystals with intent especially quartz crystals do hold that intention the quartz will & do hold information that you put into it, these crystals are great for programming, when we programme crystals this can be for a certain type of meditation or mantra.


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