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Soul Contracts & how to Break Free

Updated: Feb 9, 2023


What are soul contracts

There are two common soul contract types, some soul contracts can mean more than one thing, I may use a different term such as Karmic Connection, Twin Flame or Soulmate, however it just means a soul contract which is more than one thing.

The first one we call it a Life Contract or a (Scared Contract) which is the plan you've made for your current life before incarnation, or before coming to this planet earth before you were incarnated, so what we have is a soul conference with our soul guides, where you come with spirit guides & other souls to formulate your life on this planet, you've basically planned your life out before coming down here. The plan we may have chosen will have some major life experiences, connecting with other souls, we may of made agreements with these souls before incarnating, places you were going to live or jobs that you were going to have, this is the view of your soul contract of this life & they understanding of a life contract that we have.

Contracts with People

A soul contract is a significant soul-evolving connection we establish with someone down here on earth, so before we incarnate we have these agreements with different souls that we're going to have experiences with or cross paths with whilst down here & that's for evolutionary reasons that the soul puts in place before we come here, the soul knows to have a human to human connection down here & it's a very rich connection when it comes to evolutionary connections of a soul.

It's so the soul can grow & expand & that's how our soul grows, through experiences. When it comes to these types of connections of the soul of this life time, it means you can meet either for a lifetime or a temporary length of time, so a soul contract doesn't mean it's got to be for a whole lifetime, some soul contracts you don't want to have for a lifetime as you may get stuck in these soul contracts, which I will explain later on within this blog.

For now some soul contracts come into our lives to be a lifetime connection & some come into our lives to be temporary just to heal & clear up what we hadn't cleared up in our last life so that the soul contract can disintegrate.

This is what a soul contract is, when it comes to soul contracts there are three main reasons as to why the soul loves to establish soul contracts, which are agreements to cross paths with other souls, a souls energy is very driven, it's a way to accelerate the souls evolution, when we meet face to facedown here humans are the ones that can sometimes be challenging for us but also some of the richest connections when it comes to evolving & growth & the souls energy is very driven, so the soul is always looking for ways to evolve, expand & to grow.

Second Reason & this is really important & that's to help with healing, sometimes a soul will use the soul contract is here to help heal things that were left unhealed in a past lifetime.

So lets say in your past life exited with unhealed wounds such as a broken heart & you wasn't able to heal in the past life & you passed away & went back to the spirit realm, the soul is always looking for ways to clear up un-finished business so it can establish another soul connection down here in this lifetime.

Third Reason is to complete karmic cycles, so lets say you've spent a lifetime after lifetime in a karmic loop where you do something nasty to someone & they then do something nasty back to you, these are called karmic loops, karma means action & reaction, some people are actually living there karma in this lifetime, they just don't know it, so for example let's say you killed someone then you were killed by someone or you were violent to someone & then someone was violent towards you, this produces as a karmic loop which will keep happening till it's been broken.

A lot of the times the soul can choose to establish soul contracts with the same certain souls, very frequently with the same souls who caused these issues in the past, so maybe you've been entangled with these in many past lives & the soul chooses to have a soul contract with the same souls so these issues can be resolved, so the karmic loop doesn't keep repeating itself.

Positive or Empowering Soul Contracts

The foundation of this soul contract is a resonance of love- when you come face to face with this type of soul contract it's a resonance of love, this type of contract is inner energetically empowering, so when you connect with them that resonance of love is going to empower you, it'll give you more energy & elevate you, this is commonly known as your soulmate or twin flame which is significantly a soul connection which will elevate you, it's a deep love connection which magnetises you through love ( you don't have to use the term twin flame or soulmate) you can use the term sacred partner, now this doesn't have to be a romantic connection, you could have a positive impactful connection with a family member or a best friend, there are all different types of connections, just to make a point here, just because it's a positive impactful & elevating relationship doesn't mean to say that it's easy, because it isn't & that's not to say that these kind of relationships can go through difficult times & challenges, however it can still elevate your energy in the most amazing way.

What do I mean by energetically elevating empowering

There's a few aspects to this connection.

The first one is Love - there's a few other important things to be considered which is

Mutual Respect - No matter what happens in these relationships there's always a mutual foundation of respect where one will always want what is best for the other one, no matter what is going on for each other.

There's a few characteristics that are important & no matter what happens these souls will never ever pull you down or disempower the other.

Second Part of the Soul Contract

Negative & Disempowering contracts can have it's difficulties, the agreement here with the energy magnetising the two of you together in the energy based on wounding & karmic which has been left over from past lives, what brings you together is your wounding & karmic, what your contracts have decided is to come together because these things were left unsolved.

Another term for the disempowering contract is called karmic connections, it's used a lot when to do with romantic relationships, it's the same thing as negative soul contract. The interesting thing is a lot of people don't realise they are in a disempowering or negative soul contract, because initially there's a strong pull together that it mimics love, just like your ego mimics your intuition that I have spoken about in my previous blogs.

So when the shit hits the fan eventually you'll then see clearly that then & only then the possibility of healing a wound or completing a karmic cycle is because the pull is so strong that sometimes you can spend a whole lifetime in these soul contracts until you wake up & realise what is happening then they start to work through the disempowering or negative soul contract, however this can be hard because it will drain you of your power & sovereignty which is why these contracts can be hard to get through. Sometimes we may not have the energy to get out these connections & sometimes we may, and this is very rare we just may recognise were in these negative contracts very early in so we can just walk away.

This will disempower you rather than empower you, because it's based on karmic wounding & there can be lack of respect from each other. A negative soul contract is where the other person doesn't want you to have a fulfilling life, so they'll do everything in there power to criticise you to bring you down to disempower you, they'll find fault in everything you do. Some will come into your life as a family member or can be a co-worker or a boss but mainly will be a common type in a romantic connection.

So what happens with these karmic relationships is we start too ask ourselves

What has happened to me ?

Who have I become ?

All because we've lost our power & sovereignty within these connections the other aspects of these relationships that can identify you in one is very draining & feels like a weight on your shoulders, feels like you've lost your power. You don't have these feelings in an empowering positive soul contract.

By this stage if you're asking yourself what type of soul contract your in then just know your inner knowing will tell you, you'll just know within your heart, you may feel something is missing in the relationship or sometimes our inner knowing may not see it as it could be blocked especially if we feel a bit stuck. You may want to ask yourself these kind of questions and maybe journal them out on a piece of paper.

1 Am I Respected in this connection ?

2 Do I feel empowered or am I losing my power in this connection ?

3 Does this connection feel loving or what does it feel like ?

4 Is this connection heavy ? if so how ?

5 Am I loved in this connection ?

Can I Break Out of this Soul Contract

Yes you can get out of it within your human self, many people will ask this question because they're in a negative soul contract, I mean if you're in a loving soul contract why would you want to break free of a loving relationship ?

But what it is really about is healing, when we've healed the contract that then dissolves, even the positive contracts can be broken, because some of these are only here for a short while & not for a long time, not all soul contracts are forever.

Some of us feel powerless to get out of this karmic contract & we also feel stuck within the connection, just remember your not stuck in that connection because your a slave, that's not really the case, your free will is really important & these karmic loops keep repeating themselves, we don't realise we are losing our power & not aware we need to do inner healing.

This is important to know, these soul contracts are established by your soul, yes they're very powerful but your human free will is absolutely crucial when it comes to negative soul contracts. Your power of choice is everything, your power of choice means that you'll be able to heal & then the karmic contract dissolves, or you can stay in it which is your choice to do so. So yes you can terminate a soul contract here on this planet earth.

So to help you dissolve these contracts, I would start to work on these wounds that trigger us, then the more we work on these the more power we start to have again, the negative power starts to dissolve & that's how we can break out of a contract.

Once the purpose of a soul contract has been achieved, the connection will naturally dissolve. Your healing & working on yourself is crucial of getting out of these contracts.

How to Work with Soul Contracts

There's a different type of energy with a positive soul contract, they flow a lot easier, there maybe challenges for these types of connections but you just know it's a growth opportunity & you both have that respect for each other.

When it comes to the negative soul contracts we have be very aware as we can get stuck in these connections because these negative connections are here to trigger us so we can heal what we didn't heal in our previous life, they are here to bring up deep trauma bonds for you to heal.

Here are 4 tips on how to heal & break free of a soul contract.

#1 Acknowledgement - means you have the courage to see & be aware that you're in a negative karmic connection, this stage is very important that you can't move on till you've fully recognised you're in a karmic relationship.

#2 Inner Healing - time to go into the healing & pay attention as to where your being triggered, so if someone tells you that your not good enough enough times then you start to believe what they're saying, if they keep telling you that your weak enough times you'll start to believe them. Pay attention & heal what needs to be healed.

#3 Outer Healing - Some of us don't get to this stage because they seem to think they're doing all this work & nothing is changing & what your doing is because they're so stuck with the karmic contract they're forgetting the important part which is the outer healing part which is to do with the masculine energy which requires ACTION, you can't terminate a soul contract without action, you have to physically remove yourself from the karmic connection, without the action you're never going to be able to break a soul contract & terminate it.

Firstly your action comes from your solar plexus chakra just above youth belly button, so we have to work on our chakras first to be strong enough to be able to take that action, The more you work on step #2 the more the action will come easier, unless your in a very dangerous situation then get the hell out of there asap and do the work on yourself once you've removed yourself from a volatile situation.

#4 Cord Cutting - Is when we are connected with other humans we form what we call a energy cord which are attached to us & once we're connected the cords connect, once you're finished in the karmic connection then we can do the cord cutting which can be a simple process of saying a mantra of if that doesn't work you can come & see me & I'll cut the cords for you.

We're bringing in the archangels & the karmic lords who will help with this process, the cord cutting will take the negative aspect out of the connection and will leave the positives only, however when we do this we only do this with love n light not with hatred or anger, here is a small mantra which can help you do this & when you say this mantra visualise you're cutting a silver cord attached to them.

Repeat this over & over again

I terminate this soul contract in all directions of all time & space & release it with love and light

Do not skip any of the tips that I have given to you, & do not go straight to the cord cutting as this will not work without doing all the other work first.

Love n Light


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